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Norma and Rapunzel stop the sale

What doesn’t fit in a small grain of rice: arsenic, mineral oil, chemical spray. The consumer magazine “Eco test” tested 21 brands of rice – and the result is shocking: A limit value has been exceeded twicedouble Sales stopped. About

India restricts public life

The Nipah virus has been detected again in India. According to the WHO, this can lead to death. It is transmitted, among other things, from person to person. The Nipah virus is transmitted from person to person. Two people have

Is Xi Jinping seriously ill?

Home page policy Was standing: September 13, 2023, 3:16 a.m. From: Sven Hauberg Divide His absence from the G20 summit in India raises questions: Is Xi Jinping seriously ill? The media suggests so, but there are reasons to doubt it.