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Code – Policy blocks immigration of nurses from India

Highly qualified Indian specialists are increasingly sought after in the German economy. Interesting prospects could also arise for hospitals, particularly in the field of nursing. Indian nurses are considered well-trained, hardworking and capable of integration. But Germany is taking inspiration

Ayurvedic diet: the key to happiness

In today's fast-paced world, many people are looking for ways to improve their well-being. Ayurvedic nutrition offers a way to achieve this goal. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian healing art, views nutrition as a fundamental element of health and happiness. In

India: When the doctor gets on the rails

The “Lifeline Express” travels across India treating people for free. Danish photographer Siddiqui visited the rolling hospital during a stop in Jalore. 1/16 A hospital integrated into the seven carriages of a train: the “Lifeline Express” crosses the entire country.