Why do Indians only eat chicken when it comes to meat? (health and medicine, people, nutrition)

Unfortunately, I only know 99% of people who eat cheap meat and lots of meat of all kinds (veal, pork, chicken, etc.) with ready-made sauces every day.

When you look at the plate and someone fills it, you feel sick, and when you point the finger at doctors who are really all of the same opinion (i.e. “Eat less meat!”), they laugh at you and you are told: “Put more meat on your plate, young man, meat is healthy, you must become big and strong, meat-related diseases are all nonsense, meat tastes so delicious, I can't anymore live without meat, doctors exaggerate…

You have to listen to this lecture at lunch while they sit in front of you smacking their lips and if you point out good local meat or vegan/vegetarian alternatives you will be laughed at right away.

Recently, for example, there have been delicious vegetarian recipes posted on the Internet, vegetarian cooking shows offering good, inexpensive recipes, or YouTube videos with proven medical studies that draw attention to risky meat consumption. I was then told to get it over with and that it was all a scam and that meat contains very healthy nutrients… blah blah blah…

I also eat meat from time to time, I'm not vegan, but I often change my diet and I notice that with more vegetables, fruits and fish for example, I feel better and in better shape, and with less meat, like chicken. , pork or veal, I feel a significant improvement in my general health.

What do you mean ?

Is increasing meat consumption dangerous?

What do you think of the people I described above?

Are studies that say a healthy diet should contain little meat accurate?

Survey :

“Less disease thanks to less meat? »

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