“…maybe a week”: Radhika Gupta of Edelweiss MF compares the Diwali holidays in India to the Christmas and New Year holidays in the West

Radhika Gupta, chairman and managing director of Edelweiss Mutual Funds, sparked a debate on social media by comparing the Diwali holidays with the Western festive holidays of Christmas and New Year.

Instead of a few days of vacation, a longer break of up to a week may be needed at the moment, she suggested.

“In all the years I have lived in the West, the holiday season has been long and extended. The Christmas holidays began after December 15th and lasted until the New Year. “In China, Chinese New Year is a long holiday,” she posted on social media platform X.

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In India, the Diwali holidays last about two weeks at educational institutions. However, public and private offices are usually closed for a few days. The rest period was limited to just a single day this year as Diwali fell on a weekend.

Gupta said this makes it difficult for working professionals who have to visit other parts of the country to celebrate the festival with their loved ones.

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“Unfortunately, the Diwali holidays in India usually last a day or two in corporate offices. In years like this, when Diwali falls on a weekend, there is a day off. “Many of us travel to visit our families across the country, sometimes far and wide,” she said.

“While we can take the days off, as a country, is there a possibility for a longer festive break, perhaps a week, so that we can enjoy the festive season and family time without counting the days?” Gupta further tweeted.

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