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A billion dollar submarine project with India? – Politics

During Defense Minister Pistorius’ visit to India, joint submarine building with the country took shape. SPD politicians are campaigning for a possible arms deal. Mumbai (AP) – German and Indian shipbuilders signed declarations of intent for a multibillion-dollar submarine project

Pistorius wanted an easier arms deal with India

Home page political Made: 06/06/2023Updated: 6/6/2023, 14:40 split Handshake in New Delhi: Federal Defense Minister Boris Pistorius and his Indian counterpart Rajnath Singh (right). © Britta Pedersen/dpa Russia’s war against Ukraine, China’s claim to power: Western countries want to expand

Turning point: Why we must now look at the Indo-Pacific

The title of the SPD’s “Zeitwende” paper by the International Political Commission claims to formulate “answers for a world in transition”. This properly addresses China’s hegemonic claim over the Indo-Pacific. However, in order to find appropriate answers to complex regional