Health workers – More money for hospital care: Burgenland wants the “most attractive jobs”

The package for healthcare professionals not only concerns a salary increase, but also attractive framework conditions, including the company kindergarten, which will be an integral part of the new Oberwart hospital. The state governor, Hans Peter Doskozil, together with the managing directors and chairmen of the works councils, presented all the measures planned to protect non-medical staff in hospitals in Burgenland.

The package will be delivered to the Burgenland Health Center as well as to the Brothers of Mercy hospital in Eisenstadt; it includes nursing staff as well as midwives and medical-technical services. Concretely, there will be salary bonuses of up to 420 euros per month, retroactive to January 1 and for everyone.

There are other increases for managers – also to motivate applying for a management position (300 euros more per month, for deputies 150 euros), as well as a loyalty bonus from thirty years of service (plus 150 euros per month). The country spends a total of around 22.4 million euros per year on this package.

Looking for around 260 new people

The governor wants to guarantee long-term hospital care and combat staff shortages: “Apart from the salary, it is also about the stress associated with this job and good general conditions. Burgenland should also consider all aspects. » “most attractive” in the field of health professions “Employer in Austria”.

Reference was also made to the salary package for doctors already presented in order to counter the shortage of qualified workers in the hospital sector. This should also be a success here, along with the increase in numbers that Doskozil anticipates for the coming year. Up to 200 additional people will need to be found for the four Burgenland Health hospitals and up to 60 additional people for the Barmfühlen Brüder in Eisenstadt.

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More staff – less workload

This increase also responds to a wish of employees: more staff means less workload and more planning for company bikes. Works council chairman Dietmar Ochsenhofer and his deputy Alfred Peterszel as well as the managing directors agreed.

Robert Maurer of the Brothers of Mercy Hospital emphasizes that it is gratifying and important that the country recognized early on the challenge of finding new healthcare workers: “In order to relieve patients of uncertainty, it is important that all the workings of the hospital together,” says Maurer, it is above all the caregivers who are the closest people here and who serve as a link.

As commercial director, Franz Öller, like medical director Stephan Kriwanek, emphasized that “regional support is also one of the most important points” in the future: since new employees must be recruited for these tasks, an important step has not only been taken. with salary bonuses; Work is also underway on the framework conditions.

On-site training in India

The third part of the measures also targets training: after Croatia and the Philippines, India is considered a beacon of hope in terms of personnel recruitment. By March, Doskozil aims to finalize the planned collaboration with the partner diocese of Kanjirapally in Kerala, India.

The nursing staff should come to Burgenland from there. The training, including the German course, is expected to take place in India. The time horizon is two to three years before the new forces can be active in the country.

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