Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan hospitalized due to extreme heat in India

Faced with a heatwave in India, the actor suffered heatstroke.

Bollywood star faces heatwave in India Shah Rukh khan suffered heat stroke.

He was admitted to hospital on Wednesday, police said, according to local media including PTI news agency and the Hindustan Times The 58-year-old actor had recently attended a cricket match with his children in the state of Gujarat, in which the Kolkata Knight Riders team, which he owns among others, won.

Temperatures in the state and other parts of the country are currently reaching over 45 degrees. Khans According to news agency IANS, the condition was stable on Thursday.

According to experts, the extreme heat is also fuelled by climate change. Apart from cricket matches, the world's biggest election is currently taking place in very high temperatures. Around 970 million eligible voters are expected to vote on the occupation of the lower house at more than a million polling stations. Opinion polls predict a victory for the prime minister's Hindu nationalist BJP party Narendra Modi in advance. Because of the size of the country – India is the most populous country in the world with 1.4 billion people – the poll lasts six weeks and is held in seven phases.

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