Handicrafts- The Perfection in Imperfection

Each handmade product has a moment of time captured in its art by the artist; A small drop of paint in block print fabric or a stitch out of place in handmade quilts. Personally I feel that the beauty of handmade creations is the small imperfection in each product. Because humans are not machines, we should always keep in mind handmade products may feature inconsistencies or slight flaws. Those are signs that the product wasn’t mass produced by machines.

Hand Block Print Quilts and Curtains

The Japanese art form called Wabi-Sabi means just that, products being irregular or having slight flaws. Customers never found this problematic; in fact such imperfection was considered aesthetic giving the item authenticity.

In certain cultures artists believe leaving a deliberate imperfection in their creation has some deep cultural significance. In Punjab region of India and Pakistan, an embroidery technique called Phulkari, is highly popular. Intricate patterns using brightly colored threads are woven fabrics, while most Phulkari patterns are highly regular, but sometimes women introduce small color or pattern changes into their work. Sometimes it is to be considered a “nazar-pattu” so the wearer avoids peoples evil eye, other times to mark occasion like wedding or child birth.

Hand Block Process

While the above are deliberate imperfections, some are unavoidable, like in block printing imperfection is unavoidable, expected and must be embraced. An artist working with vegetable dyes during the process will leave some paint stains across the fabric. So next time you come across an imperfection, admire the beauty behind the work rather than considering it as a flaw.

Decoding the mystery of Thread count

Does high TC really mean better quality? The answer might surprise you…

A long standing question with most people has been how to decide if a bedsheet works for their homes, in terms of durability, comfort as well as material. Most companies have started using Thread Count (or TC) as a barometer for quality. However, TC is not as simple as it is made to sound and not the ultimate judge of quality, so then what is? Read on to find out…

Hand Block print fabric

Let’s start with the basic; What is Thread Count?

In the most simplistic explanation, imagine a ‘Charpoy’ with horizontal and vertical weaves going across. Similarly, Thread count measures the number of horizontal threads and vertical threads in a square inch of cotton. So in reality only a limited number of threads per square inch can sit into that fabric and the exact number depends on the thickness of the yarn.  So a 200 TC bedsheet has 100 horizontal and 100 vertical threads, and a 600 TC bedsheet also has 100 horizontal and vertical threads, but the fabric maker has braided 3 strings of yarn together and then tripled the Thread Count. Which means a 200 TC bedsheet made with thick single ply cotton is way more durable than a 600 TC bedsheet made by stringing together three thin strands of thread.  So after research it has shown most good quality cotton bedding will be between 180 and 300-thread count.

So how do you know you’re buying quality bedding?

The best way is to look for organic cotton. It’s durable, soft, and breathable. Once the initial starch of the cotton wears off, these sheets will get softer and cosier with each wash. Lower-quality sheets or bedsheets with a lot of fibres strung together may come with polishes or waxes to make the feel of sheets at the store more pleasant. But those will wash off the first time you clean your sheets.

The above is of course for pure cotton bedding. But naturally all fabrics have a variety of qualities, your lifestyle and personal preference can decide what works for you.  For example, the manufacturing process for synthetic fibers yields threads that are very long and very durable. So polyester mix work well for durability and handling wear and tear.

Stunning Mughal Print bedsheets available at The Pink Elephant

Sateen weave vs Percale weave

The way the threads of a fabric are oriented to one another, known as the weave, makes a difference to the texture of the bedsheet.

A sateen weave uses a ‘one thread under, three threads over’ pattern of construction. Hence it has more vertical than horizontal yarns, making the fabric soft with an almost buttery texture and a sheen to the bedsheets. Due to the extra threads used, these feel heavier and warmer than percale weaves.

Percale bedding, uses a different thread construction to sateen bedding – in this case one thread over, and one thread under, like a charpoy. Percale is a more widely used weave, as these produce fabric with a matte finish which is cool and crisp to the touch. Fundamentally there is no difference between percale quality and sateen quality, be it the yarn or cotton – the only difference is weave, hence the two feel different.

So how do I choose my bedsheets?

Majority of Handblock print bedsheets are on Percale weave as Sateen weave makes the fabric pill and makes it difficult for the process of Handblock. Whereas, machine manufactured bedsheets of big companies use Sateen weave and hence feel soft and have a sheen. If you are a cold sleeper sateen works better and if you feel warm like me percale is more comfortable. In terms of quality, if either is made from single ply thread, they would be equally durable. Ultimately it comes to personal choice, my husband loves sateen and I love percale, so every alternate time we get our wish. When its sateen i reduce one layer of dohar and when percale he layers up!

New Launch- Nature shines in Christian Lacroix’s latest collection

This spring, the House of Christian Lacroix and designer Roche Bobois follow up on the successful collaboration they launched nearly two years ago. For this new opus, furniture pieces created by the House’s creative director Sacha Walckhoff are wrapped in dreamy flora and fauna.

Christian Lacroix Maison pour Roche Bobois 2017 by Neil Bicknell_1.1

Christian Lacroix Maison pour Roche Bobois 2017 by Neil Bicknell_2.1 Christian Lacroix Maison pour Roche Bobois 2017 by Neil Bicknell_3.1

This collection takes us deep into the daydream home of an imaginary botanist, a fan of Comte de Buffon’s treatise on natural history. I for one am loving the tropical vibe, what about you??


Dream Home- South Beach Residence by Light on White

In the heart of south beach, with sweeping views of the Miami Beach golf club, a modern 4,500 sq ft residence was designed by Light On White as a true reflection of its unique client and context.

© Kim Sargent

© Kim Sargent

Purchased from a developer as a concrete shell, the modern structure with generous volumes was particularly in need of warmth and a touch of originality to make it the client’s own. Featuring oversized glass sliding doors looking our onto the lush tropical vegetation, the design of the residence celebrates indoor-outdoor living and the sleek lines of the modern architecture.

© Kim Sargent

© Kim Sargent

Elegant, masculine neutrals are accented with pops of copper and bronze metallics. The understated palette is layered with rich and unexpected textures, combining open-grain wood against high-gloss lacquer, dyed shagreen against hand painted glass and embroidered linen against deliciously soft leather.

© Kim Sargent

The use of the materials in their raw form celebrates their natural beauty, imperfections and all. The result is an immersive, sensory design with timeless

Store Watch- Beyond Designs

Beyond Designs, a Delhi-based luxury home-furniture & lifestyle brand co-owned by Neha and Sachin Gupta launched their Flagship Store on Mehrauli Gurgaon Road along with Beyond Designs Homes their new accessory vertical and Cafe We, a space where design meets food and art. The Store is a unique walk through concept showcasing a formal living room, dining room, lounge, bedroom, and bathrooms along with an exclusive area dedicated to accessory shopping and a beautiful cafe with a private dining area.



Inspired by the quintessential French cafe, combined with modern features, Café We is a symphonic collaboration between Beyond Designs and Varun Gupta, a contemporary space with classic influences, making it the perfect place to dine in style. The cafe would serve multi-cuisine food with world flavors.



Sachin’s and Neha’s illustrious creative sense and vision has evolved Beyond Designs from a simple Furniture store to showcasing a lifestyle. The display experiments with shapes, forms and surfaces to bring to life varied influences: art deco, graphic futurism, lyrical decadence. Their latest collection comprises of Lush sofas, luxurious textures and experimental shapes to the finest art elements, luxurious lighting and stunning accessories. So do visit if you want to give your home a brand new & luxe makeover.

KHASRA –NO 432,433, 434
NEW DELHI -110030
TEL NO-011-26804180, 26804183

New Launch- Playground@JW Marriot, Aerocity

I have been in love with the latest surge of Street Art across India and I am extremely happy that the concept has finally made it’s way into a Five Star property, namely The Playground @ JW Marriot, Aerocity.

Food Truck in Alfresco 1

The Food Truck at the entrance of the restaurant reminiscent of the movie ‘Chef’ and Jon Favreau’s eclectic cooking style greets you as you walk towards the restaurant. Yogesh Saini, the brain behind Delhi Street Art has engineered the graffiti for Playground and has also decorated the truck along with the interior walls inside the restaurant.

Playground Artwork (1)

As you enter the alfresco style lounge bar stocked with the finest spirits of the world, you can see a – reflection of the hotel’s sensibilities; comfort, style and a sense of grandeur. And of course the hidden gem so to say,  is provided by the elusive Speakeasy. Partially hidden behind street art, this members’ only lounge houses coveted bottles and niche spaces. Mood lighting, luxurious interiors, wood paneling and handcrafted leather loungers from Timothy Oulton set the Speakeasy apart from the rest of the property. With its carefully curated bar menu and cocktails which highlight handpicked ingredients, the bar features some of the best single malts in the city.

Social Lounge 3

Redefining nightlife at Delhi-NCR, JW Marriott Aerocity has successfully created an amalgamation of gastronomic wonder and luxurious interiors, while focusing on the preferences of its patrons and marking a new step in the hospitality sector in the country.

Address:  Asset Area 4, Hospitality District, Delhi Aerocity, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

Phone: +91 11 4521 2115

Hours: – 11am to 1am

5 ways to add Luxury to your Home

Whenever we think of luxury we automatically start assuming expensive. While a lot of rich a luxurious products do fall in the higher price bracket, you can easily create a luxurious atmosphere with a few simple tips without burning a whole in your pocket

Scented Candle Jars

20882615_462243024158091_8148819661740871056_n 20840658_461104054271988_3419554263728948370_n
These come in various materials from stone to ceramic. You can get a metal jar or marble jar and place it on your console or side table for your chic update.

Faux Fur

While real Fur is a big NO-NO, Faux Fur if used properly can make a space look cozy and luxurious. If you are not ready to commit to a big throw, you can always add elements like fur cushions or fur seats.

Coffee Table Books

26733708_531260777256315_2195527644631732681_n 20992800_464968873885506_7456787030196530360_n

These are a Stylist’s go too. The trick is to get the right colours to go with your interior. Monochromes are safe while a bright red or blue can add a touch of colour

Semi- Precious Stones


And no I don’t mean just wear them. You can get stunning Home decor products like coasters and door knobs in stones like Agate and Rose Quartz. These look luxurious and add a touch of class!!

Linen Bedding

20156096_447950085587385_2267962451580113646_n 20246156_447950055587388_233447374153324030_n

While the opinion in India seems to be divided about linen bedding, with some people feeling it might get hot, there is no doubt that linen bedding spells luxury and coziness. Also the beautiful colours would add richness to any bedroom.

Stunning Light designs

Hello People, I know I am not being as regular with the blog as I used to be, but I would blame it on the fact that while blogging takes time to think of and then pen down thoughts, it is so much easier to just put images of Facebook and Instagram. Both my pages are very much active http://www.facebook.com/stylecity and instagram-aparnakaistha.

However, I did go through and mark out a few stunning design elements from the past few design shows- namely from Dubai and Maison & Objet. Here is my pick of favourite lighting designs from the shows

1.Hugues Chevalier- Art Deco Style


2. Jeremy Cole- Ceramic sculpture

jeremy cole ceramic

3. Hamilton Conte- again very Art Deco influence

hamilton conte

4. Bellavista Collection- Combination of Moroccan & Indian Style

bellavista collection

5. Stephanie Coutas for Baccarat- Just stunning detail

baccarat stephanie coutas

Store watch- The Pink Elephant, New Delhi

I am an Interior Stylist from India with over 10 years of Work experience with magazines like Elle Decor, BBC Good Homes, Casaviva etc, I run a blog http://www.stylecity.in and most recently was the creative head for home and lifestyle in an e-commerce company.  I have recently Launched The Pink Elephant India.

19601624_439208943128166_1583923314509937092_n 19665123_439199436462450_1999593677024371617_n

20264703_450896325292761_9000759231063739335_n 20246156_447950055587388_233447374153324030_n

With my brand, The Pink Elephant, I am hoping to reach out to decorators, stylists & people from across the world and source products for them. I normally find products from various thrift stores and export houses which I will regularly publish on my Facebook page @thepinkelephantindia. The products are cost effective as they don’t need to be purchased in bulk.

Bedlinen2 20139824_447950108920716_636483918005686736_n

Dining&Bar1 Furnishing1

So have a look and let me know what you think!

Dream Home- Goa Vacation Home by Shabnam Gupta

The client wanted a home that exuded a serene vibe with warm engaging spaces but also has its share of quirky elements. The concept envisioned for this two-story structure was modern eclectic with hints of traditional elements. The intent in this project was to infuse pockets of greens within the interior spaces to break away from the concrete jungle like feel in cities.

Living Room2

Living Room1

Upon entry, the round green seating with wooden angel wings is a striking visual. It is abstracted in two different shades emphasizing on the good and the evil. The living room breathes with a double height form-finish concrete ceiling and exposed white-painted brick walls. The dining area in the living is accentuated by the printed black and white floor and the concave dimpled ceiling, developed by placing ‘taslas’ within the slab before casting. On the other side the living room opens to the pool area framing the concrete faceted wall, bringing in diffused light through the slits.

Dinning area  Stairwell- seating nook

The stairwell volume is encased in a MS frame glazing which extends into a skylight above, overlooking the courtyard outside. It provides a constant flood of sunlight into the adjoining spaces throughout the day. The seating nook below the staircase acts a focal point with a pop of colour and letters. The home comprises of five bedrooms, each with its own character that is different from the rest.

Master bedroom 1 Kids bedroom 1

The master bedroom emphasizes the seasmless floor, walls and ceiling all in an egg white colour. There are leaf inserts in the wall to go along with brass inlay in the in-situ flooring and the vibrant hand painted hibiscus flowers on the walls. The kids’ bedroom houses the bed within the floor and reflects a sense of playfulness having been painted in a bright blue with a herringbone hardwood floor and white cane ceiling. All in all this is a home that adds the right bit of tranquility one wishes for in a vacation home.