Apple to bring Repair State feature to iPhones with iOS 17.5, here's how it will work

Apple is about to roll out a new “Repair Status” feature with the upcoming iOS 17.5 update, which will allow iPhone users to keep the “Find my” feature active while repairing their devices. This feature was discovered by MacRumors in the fourth beta version of iOS 17.5.
Currently, Apple requires users to turn off the “Find My” feature before sending their iPhone in for repair, as a security measure to ensure that the person handling the device is its rightful owner.However, this process becomes more complicated with the introduction of Protecting Stolen Devices feature in iOS 17.3, which imposes a one-hour delay when attempting to disable “Find My”.
The new “Repair Status” feature aims to streamline the repair process by allowing users to confirm that their iPhone is being sent for repair using their Apple ID and password. Once activated, the device will display a “Ready for Repair” label in the “Find My” app, indicating that the iPhone remains fully functional and trackable throughout the repair process.
This is especially important for users who forget to turn off “Find My” before getting to a authorized repair store, because they will no longer need to wait an hour or go back and forth to complete the process. The “Repair State” feature ensures that iPhone remains protected by Activation Lockan anti-theft measure that prevents the device from being used with another Apple ID.
Although this feature is currently limited to iPhones, it is expected to expand to other Apple devices in the future. However, beta testers are advised not to enable the “Repair Status” feature unless their device is actually sent for repair, as there is currently no way to disable it once enabled.
The iOS 17.5 update, scheduled for release in May 2024, is also expected to introduce other notable features, such as the ability for users in the European Union to download apps directly from the web, in accordance with EU regulations. the region.

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