SpiceJet: Second time in 5 months; SpiceJet Boeing 737 MAX Returns Safely to Chennai Business news from India

NEW DELHI: In a second case of MAX Engine Shutdown (IFSD) in five months, a SpiceJet Boeing 737 MAX flying from Chennai to Durgapur on Tuesday was grounded.
One of the aircraft’s engines had suffered an IFSD at 8:19 p.m., one hour after takeoff. The General Directorate of Civil Aviation is investigating the case.
“The SpiceJet B737-8 MAX (VT-MXA) operating as SG-331 from Chennai to Durgapur was involved in a flight change due to the commanded engine IFSD number 2. During the climb, engine number 2’s oil filter bypass light came on. The pilot-in-command carried out IFSD of engine number 2 according to SOP. A flight reversal was initiated and the plane landed safely in Chennai,” said officials investigating the engine failure on Tuesday. CFM’s LEAP-1B engines are used on the Max.
On December 9 last year, a SpiceJet MAX had to return to Mumbai shortly after takeoff for the same reason.

Meanwhile, a SpiceJet spokesman confirmed the chant and said: “SpiceJet flight SG-331, which was operating from Chennai to Durgapur on May 3, returned to Chennai after take-off due to a technical problem. The plane landed back safely.”

A Boeing spokesman said it was awaiting an investigation. CFM’s comments are solicited and awaited.
Boeing 737 Max aircraft had resumed flight in India last winter. As of now, SpiceJet is the only Indian airline using this aircraft. Akasa from billionaire investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has also ordered 72 copies of the Max.

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