Indonesian Scholarship Network Organizes 8th Indonesian Scholarship Forum

The forum brought together representatives of scholarship providers and educational institutions.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Indonesian Scholarship Network held Indonesian Scholarship Forum the 8th as well as online friendship Thursday (2/6). The activity brought together representatives of scholarship providers, educational institutions and individuals.

According to Sri Nurhiddayah, Chairman of Indonesian Scholarship Forum Committee and Director of Baznas Scholarship, Indonesian Scholarship Forum is a communication forum Indonesian Scholarship Network composed of suppliers, distributors, movers and fellows in Indonesia with the aim of increasing capacity (Capacity Building), exchange of ideas, ideas and strategies in the development of Indonesian human resources through scholarships.

“This forum is expected to encourage the creation of synergies and collaborations between stakeholders in the field of scholarships in Indonesia, be it central government institutions, regional governments, overseas, companies, of foundations and organizations/communities,” said Sri Nuhidayah. (2/6).

He added that the Indonesian Scholarship Forum is a mandate Scholarship Congress the first will be held on January 20 and 21, 2021. “Periodically, every two months, a forum is held to learn together, share and inform scholarship institute which are currently opening registrations to jointly release them to the public,” he said.

This meeting is a one-year review meeting of the implementation of the Indonesian Scholarship Forum as well as the preparation for the 2nd Indonesian Scholarship Congress to be held on August 19-20, 2022.

Present to deliver a speech, Ayyung Mustahyun from Puslapdik Kemendikbud Ristek RI who briefed on Indonesian Scholarships (BPI). As a key introduction to the participants’ discussion managing the scholarships, Bimo Sasongko, President of IABIE (Association of Habibie Program Alumni) and André Rahadian, President of ILUNI UI, were present. Refocusing on 80% of scholarships for science and technology is Bimo Sasongko’s watchword. Also indicate the age of former high school students as the golden age of scholarship recipients and the importance of official ties.

Meanwhile, from Iluni UI, he underlined with an important sentence for scholarly collaboration that “there is no help too small or obstacle too big, when we move forward together”.

Prior to the discussion, lighters were also donated by Suharto Parai (Hadji Kalla Foundation), Romero Sinaga (Uni-Italian office in Indonesia) and Muhammad Kamal Muzakki (Director of Salman Charity House). Participants who attended included Leadership House, Diktiers Alumni, LPI Dompet Dhuafa, Indonesia Scholarship Center, Pertamina Foundation, Laznas IZI, Dahuni Foundation, Data Print Scholarship, The UPS India Indonesia Edu Link and several foundations, campuses and schools.

“This warm discussion resulted in a common commitment to share best practices and collaborate for the second Scholarship Congress which will have Alumni scholarship as its theme,” Sri Nurhiddayah said.

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