India suffers from heat wave – even sidewalks are melting (video)

Watch the video: Melting sidewalks, closed schools – India is suffering from a prolonged heat wave.

STORY: Melting sidewalks, closed schools, health warnings and fires – India is currently in the grip of an extreme heat wave. That it can get hot on the subcontinent is not unusual. However, the fact that the average daily maximum temperature in April in central India is 37.8 degrees puts everything that has happened so far…in the shade, which is also a lot too hot. At least Sunday gave some respite to those suffering from the heat, with 39 degrees on May 1 it was a little cooler than the past few days. “I just had friends over. In fact, they wanted to come for a few days. But the heat is basically unbearable. It’s very, very, I mean, we can’t stand it. We have air conditioning on all the weather and we can’t get out of the house. Today the weather is good, we went sightseeing. But in fact, this heat is not acceptable. If there are also power cuts , there is only the traditional way to cool off: a dip in cold water. It is no different in India than in this country. “The summer that came in May and June last year has already arrived in April and May. It’s extremely hot.” Scientists have warned that more than a billion people in the region are at risk from the effects of the heat. The early onset of summer is also linked to climate change.

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