Tech News This Week: Meta AI Coming to India, Mobile Tariffs Hike, and More

Tech News of the Week in India: Meta AI is now available on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and also Messenger app in India, and all major telecom service providers have announced tariff hikes to take the average revenue per user (ARPU) to Rs 300.

Meta AI is now available in India

Meta’s major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are now leveraging the AI ​​capabilities enabled by their in-house Llama 3. These Meta AI features are also integrated into WhatsApp and can be accessed via via a web browser. Key features include conversation-style chat, image creation, and turning images into animated clips. The service is available for free on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Airtel, Jio and Vi tariff hike

Mobile recharge plans of all three private telecom majors have increased by 25 per cent to meet the average revenue target of Rs 300 per month. Airtel and Jio continue to provide unlimited 5G data, but this benefit requires a plan with a 4G data limit of at least 2GB per day. These revised plans will come into effect from the beginning of July and Jio is allowing users to stack older plans to save money before July 3.

Nintendo steps up security measures to prevent video game leaks

Digital leaks are a recurring problem for studios, with recent leaks of Nintendo's upcoming Switch video games being particularly concerning. The data was reportedly pulled from YouTube's backend. In response, Nintendo has reportedly stepped up its security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Google Translate now supports more Indian languages

Google Translate recently expanded its language support by adding 100 new languages, including Indian languages ​​like Tulu and Marwadi. These improvements are powered by PaLM 2, a custom generative AI model developed by Google. This new language is accessible through the Google Translate app and its web interface.

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