Hindu nationalist mockery of hijab-wearing schoolgirl in India sparks condemnation

There have been criticisms of the Hindu nationalist mockery of veiled schoolgirls.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW DELHI — Video of hijab-wearing schoolgirl mocked by far-right Hindu group India which spread on Twitter drew criticism. The incident at a campus in Karnataka has heightened tensions amid protests against wearing the hijab in the southern state.

In one video, Muskan Khan is seen surrounded by a number of men waving a saffron yellow scarf at him as he arrives at his campus in Mandya. Khan said these people came from off campus.

The hijab ban has angered Muslim students because they feel religious freedoms enshrined in India’s secular constitution are under attack. Efforts by right-wing Hindu groups to try to prevent Muslim women wearing the hijab from entering classrooms have sparked mass tension.

“I just arrived to get some homework, that’s why I came to campus, they wouldn’t let me in because I (wore) a burqa,” Khan told NDTV, quoted by NDTV. AlgeriaWednesday (9/2).

“After that they started shouting the slogan ‘Jai Shri Ram’ (Yang started Ram), then I started shouting Allahu Akbar,” she said, adding that she would continue to fight for her right to wear the hijab.

“Ten percent (of the protesters) are from campus but (the rest) are foreigners,” Khan said.

The state government of Karnataka is controlled by the far-right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). They said they would close educational institutions for three days.

Tensions in Karnataka, home to India’s technology hub of Bengaluru, have raised concerns in the minority Muslim community about worsening government persecution. hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During the latest demonstration, the police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Meanwhile, there are many schools in the surrounding towns which are heavily guarded by the police. The BJP’s chief minister or chief cabinet officer of Karnataka, Basavaraj Bommai, has asked the public to calm down. He announced that all schools in the state were closed for three days.

“I call on all students, teachers, and school and campus officials to maintain peace and harmony,” he said.

Last month, students in public high schools were asked not to wear the hijab. Then, right-wing Hindu groups blocked Muslim women from entering state educational institutions.

On February 5, the government of Karnataka, where 12% of the population is Muslim, ordered all schools to follow uniform rules set by management.

Karnataka Education Minister BC Nagesh, who tweeted the order, said the school’s dress code was established after reviewing court rulings across the country banning the hijab in schools. ‘education.

Tensions between Muslim and Hindu students began to be felt on campuses. They say the tension interferes with their upbringing.

Last week, local media reported citing a state ordinance ordering schools in the town of Udupi to ban female students from wearing the hijab. The ban sparked protests from students and parents.

“Suddenly they’re all saying don’t wear hijab, why start now?” said Ayesha, a teenager who attends Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College in Udupi.

Ayesha says her teacher forbade her to take chemistry exams because she wears hijab. “We are not against any religion, we are not protesting against anyone, we just want our rights,” he said.

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