Cows can also be taken to the cloud, here's the story

Jakarta: Talking about digital transformation is synonymous with digital transformation of businesses. This has a great influence on business development. People usually imagine companies with headquarters located in office buildings.

There is a unique story in the VMware Explore 2022 event in Singapore which will be held on November 15-16, 2022 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention & Expo. This story is about a cow that was taken into the cloud.

That’s right, it’s a cash cow that’s also experiencing a digital transformation. This story belongs to Vishwas Chitale, CEO/CTO of Chitale Dairy, a cow's milk company in Maharashtra, India.

This long-standing family business has used technology since the beginning. Vishwas mentioned that his father had been using computers since 1984 and had successfully expanded the company's business.

As technology advances and digital transformation trends, it collaborates with VMware to take the business to the next level.

“The goal of using the cloud is to increase scalability for our farmers,” he said on stage. “The concept of the cloud then emerged and all the information about our cash cows was accessible via the Internet.”

The information available to breeders is currently quite complete. From health conditions, food type to nutritional status. This data is shared daily and Vishwas says this increases productivity per cow.

“VMware has really helped us. We have successfully migrated livestock management to computers and transformed a previously manual process into an automated one.

Vishwas said the VMware solution was successful in helping around 25 critical applications and managing information of around 200,000 cows, equipped with disaster recovery and cybersecurity system with software-defined concept.

“Without this type of scalability, I don’t think we would be able to achieve the different results we have today,” he said. Every day, this data is shared again with breeders by SMS.

Through this initiative, Chitale says farmers can reduce the number of cows and land required by up to 10 times, while increasing the average amount of milk production.

Using VMware solutions, they help approximately 50,000 farmers determine genetics, breeding, field automation, livestock lifecycle management and much more.

The result of the disappearance of cows is a reduction in land use, the adoption of more pastoralists and the greening of India. “Innovation is the key to survival,” he concluded.

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