Low friction and durable machine technology from India

Jakarta, KompasOtomotiv – At the beginning of the second quarter of 2015, PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia (TMCI) started to introduce the latest engine technology called Digitech-R. The heart of the TVS Motor concoction is claimed to make the engine more durable, more responsive, more fuel efficient and more eco-friendly.

As in the official TMCI broadcast (04/05/2015), Digitech-R is TVS Motor's answer for users who need a strong and fast vehicle. At the same time, the engine does not waste fuel and meets recommended emission standards.

The raw material of the engine block would be aluminum, which has better resistance than the previous version. By maximizing machine work, improvements are made by reducing friction forces between components using roller follower mechanism, and lightweight, coated pistons molybdenum to reduce the friction force.

“The Digitech-R technology developed by TVS Digitech-R engineering team has a better ignition system i.e. Advanced TCI System (Transistor controlled ignition),” said TVS Motor Indonesia engineering manager Pramod Kulkarni.

This system, according to Pramod, improves engine performance by implementing a digital ignition mapping system (digital ignition mapping system) which is smarter, so it is able to provide the correct ignition timing based on engine speed and engine load.

Apart from that, this system is also capable of giving off a longer and more stable spark on the spark plug. In this way, the digital ignition mapping system is able to adjust the ignition timing to the different needs of the driver. The Digitech-R engine would also be able to maintain a more stable engine temperature.

It is not yet clear which motorcycle model will use this technology.

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