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ISRAEL very serious about Iran’s nuclear development. This country is still looking for a way for Iran not to have nuclear weapons and will use all means to achieve this goal.

The problem is that tensions over Iran’s nuclear development are not an isolated issue, but rather a repeat of the tensions over Israeli ownership of the nuclear reactor that began in 1948.

Therefore, come what may, Israel will fight relentlessly to become the only country in the Middle East that has “leverage” in the form of nuclear weapons.

Leverage The weapons possessed by America at the end of World War II after the success of the Manhattan Project prompted the Soviet Union, Britain, France and China to have the same weapons.

But more than that, the same impression was received by Israel, which was geographically and geopolitically in the shadow of the Arab world’s second Hollocoust, followed by Iraq in the late 1970s and Syria in the 2000s.

Meanwhile, outside the Middle East, after China managed to acquire nuclear weapons with Moscow’s backing, India felt threatened, prompting India to build one as well.

But because India has nuclear weapons, Pakistan is threatened and does the same. Chain reaction, to the point that North Korean classmates followed suit.

The Iraqi nuclear reactor was hit by a secret Israeli operation in 1981, called Operation Opera. While the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007 was also crashed by seven Israeli F15 fighters in a covert operation.

Practically with the teparnya two nuclear reactors in two countries in the Middle East, Iraq and Syria, then Israel is the only one left.

Leverage it is the army that Israel wants to protect, always opposing the Iranian nuclear project launched since the American invasion of Iraq. Its main location is in Dimona, in southern Israel.

The story begins way back. Ben-Gurion, after declaring the sovereignty and independence of the State of Israel in 1948, held that, regardless of history, Israel must have leverage military which will be the main consideration for its neighboring countries not to attack Israel again.

But unexpectedly, it turns out that the Negev desert has no uranium. So, like it or not, Israel had to find a strategic partner with an under-the-table deal to build the new nation’s nuclear reactor.

The first occasion arose during the UN convention of 1955, where the subject of positive atoms was raised, namely the use of atomic energy for civil purposes, namely electricity.

Negotiations with America were conducted. America is ready to build nuclear reactors for civilian use in Israel.

But unfortunately, the reactor that America built for Israel could not produce plutonium, because its capacity was very low. Israel bites its finger.

Ben Gurion and Simon Peres consult. As a result, Israel had to negotiate with France, which was also leading a similar military project (France was also the country that built Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor).

The agreement has been obtained. Israel and France are building a nuclear reactor in the Dimona area in southern Israel.

An eight-story concrete building was constructed. Two stories higher, six stories hidden underground. France provided the necessary technology and human resources at the reactor site.

Without realizing it, the building entered the American radar. Uncle Sam’s reconnaissance plane monitors developments at Dimona, as well as the construction of the Marcoule nuclear reactor in France.

To clarify the information, the CIA conducted direct surveillance of Dimona, via agents disguised as tourists.

The result is positive. The Americans discovered suspicious activity in Dimona, where the reactor site was manned by Mossad agents and French experts.

Eisenhower had warned Israel not to play with nuclear weapons.

Then, in the Kennedy era, Israel was cornered. Kennedy knew a lot about the Dimona reactor and forced Israel to agree to an inspection.

Finally, Israel made an offer. If you can’t have nuclear weapons, how can Israel protect itself? So America gave antiaircraft tomhawk aka anti-aircraft missiles to Israel.

On the other hand, Gamal Abdul Nasser is also on the fire in Egypt. Gamal was close to the Soviets and planned an attack on Israeli soil with a narrative of Palestinian liberation.

In 1957, Nasser unilaterally nationalized the Sues Canal, while closing maritime access to Israel, which aroused the anger of Great Britain and France.

Then, a secret deal was made between Britain, France and Israel to get revenge on Egypt.

The two European countries sent troops to retake the Suez Canal. On the other hand, Israel also sent troops to Sinai.

But America managed to get the UN Security Council involved while threatening Britain, which was in a cash crunch, couldn’t access IMF dollars, then sent an international peacekeeping force. peace to secure a neutral location between the two sides.

And so the Suez crisis subsided. This is the culmination of the end of “the hegemony of the British Empire”.

After that, because Britain’s role began to be eroded by America, Britain began to help Israel in secret, following France. Britain is willing to supply uranium and France is building a reactor facility.

So when Israel argued to America that it would stop its nuclear project, Israel kept silent about it. supply uranium from England and technology from France.

Besides America, the Soviets also knew that Israel was building a nuclear reactor at Dimona. Therefore, the Soviets also had plans with Nasser.

According to the Soviets, there was only one way to prove ownership, and that was to send a jet to the Dimona area, a Russian plane painted with Egyptian symbols.

Then secretly after that, the Soviets also sent in their bombers just in case.

If Israel has it, then Israel will bring down the plane and then attack Egypt with nuclear tipped missiles because Egypt is considered to have started the war first.

If that happened, then the Soviets would retaliate, retaliate, retaliate with a larger nuclear attack using the bomber planes that had been prepared earlier.

What the Soviets did not know was that Israel had been armed by America Antiaircraft Tomhawk.

Then the missile antiaircraft this is what hit the Soviet planes. But Israel did not attack Egypt with nuclear weapons, but with rapid airstrikes.

And that’s the behind-the-scenes reason for the 1967 ‘Six Day War’, in which Israel launched an attack preemptive strike to the air bases of Egypt, Syria and Jordan, which were preparing to launch an attack on Israel after the Soviet provocation.

Thus, all the combat aircraft of the three neighboring countries of Israel fell, and the Soviets did not have time to retaliate, because the bomber which was ready to take revenge had just landed in Egypt against the Soviets, but had also been hit by Israeli bombs.

One of the surviving pilots was Hosni Mubarak. This attack radically changed the Israeli-Palestinian map, where Jerusalem, the Sinai, the West Bank fell into Israeli hands and the border with Syria widened.

Inevitably, Israel suddenly pocketed the “leverage” (advantage) of air power after the “Six Day War 1967” compared to other countries in the Middle East.

In addition, the Soviets also monitored that it turned out that one of the American aircraft carriers was Be ready in the Mediterranean Sea, with three bombers also armed with nuclear-tipped missiles.

America is also ready, if Russia attacks Israel, America will immediately drop nuclear bombs on three places at once, namely Cairo, Moscow and Beijing, because Lyndon Johnson believes that China will benefit if America fuss with the Soviets.

It is a crucial time when the world almost knew nuclear war, after several years before the crisis of Cuba which also caused the apocalypse.

When Nixon became President and Golda Meir became Prime Minister of Israel, America finally gave Israel permission to go nuclear, but with a deal. The Gentlemen’s Agreement aka “know and know”.

Israel must not expose its nuclear weapons, America pretends not to know that Israel has nuclear weapons.

It was the year America and Israel were really serious about strategic alliances. And nuclear ownership is off the radar of international institutions, meaning it can never be inspected to this day.

So that’s where Iran finds itself right now. Israel has long been planning a covert attack on Iran’s nuclear reactor, but Israel has not been convinced by Russia and China’s position.

Putin and Xi are intimate with Iran. Iran’s position is similar to that of Israel.

Israel was almost swept away by the Soviets, but because there was America, the Soviets thought of getting involved Six Day War.

Now, if the Iranian reactor is swept away by Israel, Putin is very likely to step in, possibly China as well.

For years Moscow (Putin) has warned Israel not to attempt the same covert operation in Iran again, or you will receive severe retaliation.

This is why Israel carried out small operations, cyber attack or kill an Iranian nuclear expert. And here is the key today.

In the next few years, if it does not lead to a major conflict, the Iranian reactor will be “established”.

Iran will be the first country after Israel to have it in the Middle East, having destroyed Syria and Iraq.

What are the risks ? The risk is that all Sunni Muslim countries will join the race. The Saudis will also build because they feel threatened by Iran, the Emirates will transform their civilian nuclear reactors, then Sudan, Egypt, etc.

The tension will bring America, Russia and China into the vortex of conflict. That’s when the apocalypse is another centimeter before your eyes.

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