US President Biden confused Ukraine with Iraq – Putin’s spokesman reacted

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US President Joe Biden made a shameful speech mistake – confusing Iraq with Ukraine. © Andrew Harnik/dpa

During a conversation with journalists, US President Joe Biden made an embarrassing blunder. This caused ridicule on social media.

WASHINGTON DC — This isn’t U.S. President Joe Biden’s first awkward blunder. This time his blunder made the Russian government sit up and take notice. As the US President was about to leave for Chicago on Wednesday (June 28), he was stopped by media representatives and asked whether Russian ruler Vladimir Putin had been weakened in his war of aggression against Ukraine by an uprising of Wagner mercenaries. “It’s very hard to say. But he definitely lost the war in Iraq. He lost the war at home and he became a pariah around the world,” Biden said.

Biden confused Ukraine with Iraq – Putin’s spokesman reacted

Biden clearly means Ukraine and not Iraq. The Russian government has reacted to Biden’s speech blunders – albeit in an unconventional way. “We are interested, we are monitoring the situation very closely and we hope that yesterday’s statement by the President meant Ukraine,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. It is likely that Peskov does not want to admit Russia’s defeat in the Ukrainian war, but insists that Russia is not in conflict with Iraq.

Biden also made it clear that he believed Putin was becoming increasingly isolated globally. “He’s being a bit of a pariah in the whole world.” That doesn’t just apply to NATO and EU countries.

The US president had made a similar mistake Tuesday night, which he quickly corrected. At campaign events, he spoke of China, even though he meant India. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited Biden at the White House days earlier. “You’ve probably seen my new best friend — the prime minister of the tiny country that is now the biggest in the world, China — I mean, excuse me, India,” Biden said at the time.

Speculation about Biden’s health is mounting

But Biden didn’t just cause a stir with his slip of the tongue. There is currently speculation about his health. The deep imprint on the face of US President Biden inspires amazement. Photos from the press event show obvious bruising on both sides of his face. According to the White House, the prints were made by a machine that Biden used to help him breathe. News agency Reuters reported that Biden had been using the device for several weeks to help him sleep better.

Biden is the oldest US president of all time and is seeking a second term. Time and time again the 80-year-old made speech or other blunders – which Republicans exploited as confirmation in their presentation that he was not fit for the post. Republicans have even started proceedings for a possible impeachment trial against Biden. The party accused him of “abuse of power” in border policy, among other things. (bohy/reuters)

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