Indonesian athletes invited to show off their best abilities in Terry Palmer’s table tennis league

TANGERANG – Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia (Menpora RI) Dito Ariotedjo officially opened the Terry Palmer Table Tennis League Series 2 at Gondrong Sports Hall, Tangerang, Banten on Saturday (1/7 /2023). It is hoped that the competition, which will be attended by a number of athletes from foreign countries, will become an arena where Indonesian athletes will show their best abilities.

The Table Tennis League, which will last for four days, will be contested for a total prize pool of IDR 2.5 billion. Foreign table tennis players come from China, Japan, Malaysia, India, Luxembourg and Korea. Not to mention the best athletes from the host country, Indonesia, who also competed.

“For all sportsmen to keep in mind. Hopefully Indonesian athletes can achieve the best performance. For this reason, I am officially opening the Table Tennis League,” Menpora Dito said in his remarks.

Menpora Dito expressed his gratitude to all the athletes who participated in this competition. It is hoped that all athletes will be able to show their best game.

“To Terry Palmer, thank you and appreciation. We hope there will be achievements here. We know that table tennis is one of the most popular sports in society. That’s why we support this sports ecosystem,” said Menpora Dito.

Additionally, Menpora Dito highlighted her commitment to table tennis. Menpora Dito wants table tennis in the country to return to enthusiasm and success. “Kemenpora commitment, we want this table tennis to be excited again. Athletes can also continue to train and challenge themselves by participating in various existing events,” he emphasized.

Menpora Dito is aware of the problems that have plagued table tennis, namely double management affects the achievements of the sport. However, until finally Menpora Dito took concrete steps to solve the existing problems.

“Both parties to the dispute agreed to solve this problem and to be mediated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It is for the advancement of table tennis. Hopefully this table tennis can be excited again and move forward,” said Menpora Dito.

Menpora Dito said Indonesian table tennis has the potential to progress. Athletes who continue to be fed are expected to achieve feats in various championship events. “As a result of the (management) division, the development of table tennis had come to a halt. But finally this year table tennis can participate in the SEA Games in Cambodia. Let’s hope that in the future table tennis can make progress and progress,” Menpora Dito concluded.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Table Tennis League Organizing Committee, Terry Palmer, Jopie Warsono expressed her gratitude for Menpora Dito’s support in this table tennis competition. He said the number of participants who competed reached 100 athletes.

“Thank you, Mr. Menpora. We are honored and encouraged by the presence of Mr. Menpora. There are about 10 of the best clubs that will compete. Hopefully the Table Tennis League will go smoothly and successfully and that this sport can still progress,” he concluded. ***

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