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Jakarta: Last week's most popular technology on was driven by various news, including one in the field of smartphones which was filled with news regarding the confirmation from the Redmi India Twitter account that its new smartphone would soon spear.

Apart from this, tips on how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages also brightened up the list of top five most popular tech news last week. Another new feature from WhatsApp that is perched on this list is the presence of Dark Mode on the instant messaging application.

Meanwhile, the gaming field is not only about game titles and their updates, launches and development, but also their accessories. One of the gaming accessories that was among the most popular new items for readers last week was the presence of gaming mattresses and tents.

However, the news about the launch of a new game also caught the attention of Technology readers last week, namely the game titled Ghost of Tsushima, which is scheduled to be released on June 26.

1. Redmi Note 9 will be released on March 12, 2020

India would be the country visited by the latest Xiaomi Redmi smartphone, based on the confirmation uploaded by the Redmi India Twitter account. This account uploaded a poster with the number nine and a drawing of four camera lenses in the middle.

This poster confirms that the Redmi Note 9 will have the camera that equips it. It is also claimed that the launch of this smartphone will be the biggest Redmi product launch event in 2020, although Redmi India does not display detailed information on the poster artwork.

Claims of support for four cell phone cameras are circulating widely, but another theory says that the design actually represents a dual camera feature on the front. The developing theory interprets the poster design as featuring dual front cameras on the Redmi Note 9 with a punch-hole concept, considered similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

2. How to restore deleted messages on WhatsApp

In these tips, readers will be able to restore deleted messages from WhatsApp in two scenarios, namely after the previous message is first backed up before being deleted, or the message does not have a backup on Google Drive.

In case the previous message was saved before being deleted, readers can follow three steps to restore the message, including uninstalling the app from the cell phone and reinstalling it.

Meanwhile, in case the messages do not have backup in Google Drive, readers have to go through a longer step, involving the process of connecting the device to a laptop and browsing the files containing messages that can be selected for restoration.

3. Instead of chairs, Japan has mattresses and play tents

A Japanese furniture company called Bauhutte offers more interesting gaming accessories than just chairs. They offer mattresses, tents and game tables with bicycle pedals to resemble fitness equipment.

Bauhutte started attracting worldwide attention after announcing their gaming mattress product. They offer single bed products that are connected at the foot to a PC table.

This PC table can accommodate two screens at the same time. The head of the mattress has a flexible rod that can act as a smartphone holder. Other sales packages include additional beanbags or pillows so players can sit on a mattress.

4. WhatsApp finally supports dark mode

WhatsApp has finally announced that the Android and iOS versions of its instant messaging app have received a dark mode feature. An update with this feature will be rolled out to Google and Apple platforms a few days after the announcement.

WhatsApp has been testing this dark mode for several months, and now the feature can no longer be enjoyed only by those who have access to the beta version of the test, and will soon be received by users around the world.

5. Released on June 26, Ghost of Tsushima has a promising story

Sony's exclusive game, Ghost of Tsushima, from studio Sucker Punch, has finally received a release date. This information was announced via the latest video broadcast by the PlayStation YouTube account.

In the video titled story trailer, Ghost of Tsushima gets a release date of June 26, 2020 which is given at the end of the video. Sony actually leaked this game's story with eight minutes of gameplay at E3 2018.

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