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the The Algarve is simply stunning. A vibrant culture, the most beautiful beaches in the world 😊 and delicious cuisine. And not to mention the great people who make this area perfect. Our “People of the Algarve” interview series portrays people who live here all year or part of the year or who come here often – and have a special relationship with the Algarve or enrich the Algarve with their shares. This time, we present to you Patricia Cassique, the woman with the golden hands.

When you first see Patricia, you immediately notice her calm, poised and positive attitude. She always smiles. And you immediately feel comfortable with them.

It looks like this:

“Hello, my name is Patrícia Cassique, I am a Brazilian physiotherapist, therapist and yogini, mother of a teenage son and founder of Awaken Connectionswhich thrills my heart!

It was the Budens Waldorf school that moved from Lisbon to Salema three years ago. She immediately fell in love with the beautiful coastal town and has never regretted moving there.

She traveled extensively with her family; she has lived, laughed and studied in the United States, Thailand and India. She came to yoga and meditation in India: “Meditation and yoga allow every human being to awaken from their deeper inner connection and enhance self-knowledge, health, well-being and connection with inner and outer nature”, she summarizes together.

Everything is possible, everything is within us… Your basic motto. Education in Goa was one of the most important and beautiful phases of his life. “I have always loved the human body in all its facets. And yoga is respect for the body. Anyone can practice yoga; no: everyone should practice yoga…body, mind and soul need to be in balance – so important in these times.”

Word quickly spread that Patricia had golden hands. Her clients, of all ages, locals and tourists, come from all over the southern Algarve: “With her knowledge, her dedicated work and her subtle intuition, she helps people of all ages to overcome physical and emotional difficulties and to achieve spiritual attunement,” one client says of Patricia.

Their offer ranges from classic PHYSIOTHERAPY to SPINE TREATMENT, passing through LYMPHIC DRAINAGE or REIKI. She always combines classical therapy with alternative methods.

And when she’s not doing good to others, she’s doing good to herself, so what does her perfect day look like: “Hiking with my family and friends in nature, feeling the breeze of the wind and the warmth of the sun, singing, listening to the birds and enjoying the blue of the endless sea.”


Cerro da Ermida, lot 13, 8650-193 Praia da Salema – Algarve – Portugal,

é[email protected],

T: 00351 916395152,



Wake Up Connections – YouTube

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