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Bolzano – Extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner shakes his fans with a thoughtful post on Instagram. The King of Eight Thousand posted a photo of himself enjoying the view around him in a boat on a lake. The adjacent lines, which he wrote in English, raised some concerns about Messner's health.

“I’m reaching the end, it’s reality! But I leave with a clear conscience, knowing that I was a good person, that I did my best, a loving father, a good friend and a good brother. Now is the time to live my last dreams and love the people who mean a lot to me, but the most important thing is gratitude,” Messner wrote.

The message sparked many reactions. “Legends don’t leave, they stay forever,” commented one user. The editors of the online edition of Corriere wanted to know more and asked more questions.

When they asked the climber on the phone how he was doing, he just laughed. He is said to be doing well and is currently on his way to India, where he will stay until the New Year.

When asked what he meant by his comments on Instagram, Messer explained: “I'm coming to the end of my life and I accept that fact. I don't turn a blind eye to reality. » But that doesn't mean he no longer pursues ideas and projects, as his trip to India shows. The reason is a study project which – as expected – revolves around the mountain.

The 79-year-old simply reflected on Instagram about the fleeting nature of existence. This may make some people nostalgic, but there's obviously no reason to worry.

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