Millau. Stopover in India at Le Salon gallery

Various forms of Buddhism are becoming increasingly known in Western culture. A strong spirituality, quite close to these schools, is not so: Jainism, which is very much alive in India, especially in the North-West.

Based on respect for others and all forms of living things, it has inspired talented architects who have designed mountains of marble sculptures, forests with sugarloaf roofs, and millions of extraordinary statues.


Speaker Jaqueline Robinfrom the Dromos Art association, will present the magical site of Shatrunjaya in Gujarat, a pilgrimage site situated on a mountaintop above a river.

A long procession begins at dawn, crossing thousands of steps leading up to it, in a collective joy that is not diminished by fatigue. It must be said that as soon as you arrive, you feel the value of…

The film screening will take place this Friday 15 November at 18:30 at Galerie Le Salon next to the entrance to the Old Factory in Millau, where a beautiful exhibition of photographs made in India by Millavois artist Hervé Sbarberi has been running since the beginning of the month.

PAF: 6 or 7 €. Information: or via email: [email protected]

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