Stranded in India: a military plane leaves to pick up Trudeau

Stuck in India since his plane broke down on Sunday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may not return until Wednesday on a military plane set to pick him up.

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Based on the current situation, the Prime Minister’s Office estimates that takeoff could take place as early as Tuesday afternoon New Delhi time.

The plane left its Trenton base on Sunday for India, where the Canadian delegation was traveling for the G20. The second military plane was moved to the Trenton military base in case of problems with the first plane.

There was a problem with a component found on the Canadian Prime Minister’s plane, preventing his departure from the country, the Ministry of Defense said. The part must be replaced on site, and a technician will be dispatched to resolve the issue, he explained.

The replacement aircraft arrived in Ottawa at the end of August, but would not be ready for service in time for the G20 summit.

Not the first

Since this aircraft dates back to the 1980s, the CC-150 Polaris is no stranger to mechanical problems.

During a flight to Brussels in 2016, a problem with a wing component forced a U-turn thirty minutes after takeoff.

In 2019, a plane had to remain stuck on the ground after a crash in a military hangar in Trenton, for example.

The Conservative Party, especially Pierre Poilievre, did not hold back in mocking the Prime Minister on Monday.

“Today, Trudeau experienced the same flight delays he experienced against Canadians due to his mismanagement of airports,” Poilievre said on X (Twitter).

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Trudeau waited resolutely

Justin Trudeau will be expected – firmly by some – during the Liberal caucus setback that always precedes the resumption of work in Parliament.

The meeting was held this year in London, Ontario, from Tuesday to Thursday.

The event is always an opportunity for the Prime Minister to check in with MPs, who spend the summer shaking hands and interacting with voters.

The gap with Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party has widened to an alarming level for the Liberal Party, it is possible that Liberal Party elected officials from various countries will express their disappointment with Justin Trudeau.

Burdened by questions about affordability and inflation, the Prime Minister also had to answer questions from MPs, who witnessed a major reshuffle of ministers whose questions remain unanswered to this day.

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