Indonesia is in 4th place, the country with the most smartphone users in the world, JAKARTA- Indonesia ranks 4th as a country with users smart phones the most in the world. The Red and White have only lost against China, India and the United States.

Citing Mobile World Live, the number of smartphone users currently reaches 54 percent of the total global population. This was revealed in the latest GSMA report titled “State of Mobile Internet Connectivity”.

The report states that around 3 billion of the world’s 4.6 billion people will be smartphone users by 2022.

Meanwhile, mobile internet had, during this period, a penetration of 57% of the total world population. Up 2% from the previous year.

“The majority of smartphone users in the 3 quarters of last year came from lower-middle-income countries,” writes the report cited by on Thursday (10/12/2023).

Meanwhile, the number of global populations using smartphones in 2022 will not change much from the previous year.

It appears that many people living in rural areas still do not have access to an Internet connection.

The GSMA also noted that up to 23 percent of the global population aged 18 and over still do not use mobile Internet, even if the area in which they live is covered by a high-speed mobile network.

Indonesia is the fourth country in the world with the most smartphone use, after China, India and the United States.

According to data from Newzoo, reported by, Wednesday (01/18/2022), China will be the country with the most smartphone users in the world in 2022.

This can be seen in the number of smartphone users in China which affected 910.14 million people. India comes second with a number of smartphone users of 647.53 million people. Its position is followed by the United States with 249.29 million smartphone users.

Indonesia is fourth on this list. Last year, 192.15 million smartphone users were registered in the country.

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