Solo City Government Collaborates with Government of India for Cooperation in Technology Sector – Mayor of Solo Gibran Rakabuming Raka said the Solo city government is collaborating India as a partner for future cooperation.

Related to this, in Solo, Gibrán said that the cooperation that could take place was in the sector technology.

“I brought the proposal from the Indian ambassador, there is AI or artificial intelligence,” Gibran said as quoted by ANTARA, Sunday (23/6/2024).

However, he did not wish to explain in more detail the possibility of this collaboration.

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“We are exploring several collaborations, details will come later,” he explained.

He admitted to sending a team to India to begin exploring this collaboration.

“Pak Prabowo also made a statement. Several of our teams were also sent there,” he explained.

Previously, Gibran and Indian Ambassador to Indonesia Sandeep Chakravorty attended the 75th anniversary of Indonesia-India diplomatic relations at the Surakarta City Hall courtyard on Saturday evening (22/6/2024 ).

“This event is very important for us as we are celebrating 75 years of diplomacy between India and Indonesia,” Sandeep said.

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He said India was the first country to recognize Indonesia's independence and sovereignty on September 2, 1946.

Regarding this commemoration, he deliberately chose the city of Solo as the place to commemorate Indonesia-India relations.

“Several months ago, I met with Mr. Gibran to request permission to hold this event and it was approved. We chose the city of Solo because of Mr. Gibran,” he said. declared.

As part of a series of events, the 10th International Yoga Day was also held on Sunday morning at the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace Complex.

“Yoga is for our health, for the health of our community. Let’s celebrate yoga for our future,” he explained.

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