India to organize national badminton tournament for beginners

Sports League – Badminton News: India is organizing a national level badminton competition to select top quality seeds. The Indian people responded seriously to this event. 48 players came from all over India to participate in this prestigious national tournament.

India does not seem to want to be left behind in the sport of badminton. Saina Nehwal, Ashwini Ponnappa and Jwala Huta are the stars currently competing in Rio. It seems that they are the ones motivating Indians to continue improving the quality of their badminton in order to gain access to international events.

Today, India organizes badminton competitions at the national level. Titled Neighborhood Premier Badminton League (NPBL), is a tournament organized to select India's top badminton talents. This competition will take place over two days. Then, there were 48 players from all over India to participate in this prestigious national tournament.

This tournament is organized by several giant badminton clubs in India including BBR Badminton Club of Chrompet, Magross Badminton Club of Keelkattalai, DATB Badminton club and VKV Badmionton club West Tambaram. The match began on August 6.

“This event was organized to attract talented young Indian players to the sport of badminton,” said Parthib Kumar. He is the president of one of the badminton clubs in India.

With a tournament like this, the Indian government really hopes that in the future, there will be a number of Indian badminton players who will achieve feats at the international level.

Even though it is aimed specifically at beginner players, this event seems to be taken seriously by the Indian population. Then wait for the results. Will the next Saina Nehwal emerge from this competition? Everything requires a process and the international world will know it in the coming years.

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