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Are you really serious?

In mid-November, the 20 largest industrialized nations in the world will meet in Bali – and host Indonesia has also invited Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin (69)!

Diplomacy with the world’s biggest warmongers? According to the current status, it is unthinkable for the West!

Problem: Putin is far from being ostracized by everyone as he is by Europeans and Americans. “Russia may be cut off from the western world, but that doesn’t mean Russia is completely isolated internationally,” explains Margarete Klein of the German Foundation for Science and Politics. “There are also many countries in the G-20 that are not distancing themselves from Putin.” These include the most populous countries in the world: China and India.

In Berlin, people are desperately looking for a plan how to deal with Russia at the G-20 summit. According to BamS information, there are considerations to convince Indonesia to issue a final G-19 declaration after the summit – without Russia.

“Any cooperation with Putin is impossible. The Russian president has said goodbye to the civilized world,” said the head of the Munich Security Conference, Christoph Heusgen, 67, of the Funke media group.

He has violated all treaties on which his name stands and belongs to the international tribunal for war crimes committed by Russia. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (63, SPD) has so far been reluctant to make any announcements about the G-20, wanting a joint response from all G-20 democracies.

But he has made it clear several times that sanctions against Russia will only end if Ukraine asks the West to do so. He did not want to accept the peace imposed by Russia.

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“As long as Putin is in power, there will be no ‘normalisation’ of relations with Germany,” Klein explained. It is nearly impossible for Russia to meet Ukraine’s demands and withdraw completely. “And even if they did, the aggressive war in Ukraine is a violation of fundamental principles. The resulting loss of trust is enormous and will shape relations between the West and Russia for years to come.”

Bitter: It is unlikely that there will be changes at the top of the Russian state any time soon. Putin’s most important opponent, Alexej Navalny, is in a prison camp and the opposition has been crushed.

Russian tyrant at G20: Will he ever sit down with Putin again?

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