PUBG: New Status Now Available For Android Users In India Via Google Play Store

Players will enjoy complex gameplay and thrilling shooters in this game. The initial map of the game is 8×8 Troy which can accommodate 100 players. In India, PUBG: New State is currently available for download from the Google Play Store. The release is just seconds before the scheduled date, which is why the iOS version is not yet available for download at the time of writing. The “Install” button is now available next to the list of PUBG: New Status on the Google Play Store, and you can tap it to start downloading the game to compatible phones.

The “Install” button is next to the list of PUBG: New Status on the Google Play Store, which you can tap on and start downloading the game to your eligible phone. But there is a server issue now in the game, so maybe wait. Set in the year 2051, PUBG: New State shows the future of the PUBG universe. It has better graphics and a more dynamic shooter, but most importantly, the weapons and other items in the game make it feel a little different. You can use in-game drones, store your loot and weapons in the trunk of your vehicle, and customize your weapons using more options. The game comes with only one map so far and it is called Troy. This 8×8 open world map will accommodate 100 players at the start of the game, but only one team will survive to the end.

Update: PUBG: New Status hit the Google Play Store in India today, but it looks like multiple crashes and server issues have ruined the rollout. Krafton said he was delaying the game’s global launch. So instead of 9:30am, the launch time is now 11:30am IST. And this despite the fact that Google Play Store listings are live in India. Some users on Twitter posted screenshots of them playing the game, so maybe the problem doesn’t affect everyone.

Your phone can download PUBG: New Status if it’s running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later and has at least 2 GB of RAM. The phone should also have a 64-bit processor in it, but since the new generation of processors are mostly based on this architecture, you don’t have to worry. The game is 1.4 GB in size, so make sure you have enough space on your phone and are connected to an unlimited mobile data plan or Wi-Fi network.

PUBG: New State’s privacy policy outlines several aspects of how its users and their data will be affected, but two of the most important include storing data on servers and extra steps for underage players. Krafton, the company that owns the PUBG IP, said Indian player data will be stored on servers in India and Singapore. However, there is a clause that says data can be stored on servers in Korea, but there is no mention of China in the policy. In addition, if you are under 18 years of age, Krafton will ask you to provide the mobile number of your parent or guardian for verification. But I’m not sure the system is strong enough. The similar age verification system in India’s Battlegrounds Mobile is pretty easy to circumvent. You just have to ignore the prompt.

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  • PUBG: New Status is now available for Android users in India via Google Play Store
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