Russia faces Ukrainian counter-offensive in Kharkiv
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  • Based on institute for war studiesSW, “Ukraine seems to have won the battle of Kharkiv”. The American think tank said that the Russian army had not tried to counter the Ukrainian counterattack in recent days, and was now focusing on “orderly withdrawal” troops trying to encircle Ukraine’s second city.
  • A lot of losses in equipment and personnel on the Russian side. This was announced on Facebook late Friday by Serhi Haïda, the Ukrainian governor of the Luhansk region: There was heavy fighting on the border with the Donetsk region, near Popasna. This is horror, but they are still trying to achieve their goal. However, according to the intercept [de communications téléphoniques], we understand that the entire battalion has refused to attack because they saw what happened. » In Mariupol, negotiations will be “very difficult” about the fate of the last defender of the strategic port city.
  • Russian soldiers in slow motion, says London. The UK Ministry of Defense said on Friday that Ukrainian forces had struck back “successfully” Russian attempts to cross the river near Sievierodonetsk, caused heavy losses to troops in Moscow. This operation describes “the pressure at which Russian commanders find themselves to advance in eastern Ukraine”according to the ministry: the Russian army is not “didn’t make any significant progress despite concentrating his strength there after that” after giving up trying to win in kyiv.
  • Tensions between Volodymyr Zelensky and Emmanuel Macron. The Ukrainian president told the Italian channel Rai that his French counterpart was trying to dialogue with Moscow. “ We must not seek a solution for Russia, and Macron is doing it in vain.”he said before adding “I knew he wanted to get results in mediation between Russia and Ukraine, but he got nothing. Elysee reacted: The President of the Republic has never discussed anything with Vladimir Putin without the approval of President Zelensky. »
  • In a Facebook post, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said this morning that his country was entering “in a new and long phase of war”. To prepare for this, kyiv plans to increase production capacity for military equipment, and toto be able to arm one million citizens.
  • Russia will suspend electricity deliveries to Finland from this Saturday, 14 May 2022because it is suspected “not yet paid”. Tensions are rising between Moscow and Helsinki, which has announced its intention to join “without delay” to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) under the influence of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Moscow, seeing it with very bad eyes, has threatened a response “military technical”. The Finnish electricity grid operator assures that it can be done without importing electricity from Russia.
  • A Georgian separatist region will hold a referendum on integration with Russia. Authorities from Georgia’s pro-Russian separatist region of South Ossetia announced late Friday that these consultations would be held on July 17.
  • The European Union (EU) will provide additional military assistance of 500 million euros Ukraine to help it defend itself against Russian invaders, said the EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.
  • According to Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergii Marchenko, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have spent the equivalent of $8.3 billion, or 245.1 billion hryvnia, the country’s currency, since the start of the war. Another financial consequence of the conflict, the government was only able to collect 60% of the expected tax for April. The minister said that Ukraine is in dire need of foreign help.

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