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ADVANTAGE judo sport a lot for health and daily life. Judo which is a Japanese sport, it is a type of self-defense that focuses on sweeping, locking, and slamming movements.

Judo players must be able to maintain good balance so they can lock the opponent and slam them with the correct technique. Judo players themselves are usually called Judoka.

In Indonesia, the sport of judo is under the auspices of the All-Indonesian Judo Association (PJSI). Just like martial arts in general, judo championships are also held at different levels ranging from regional, national to international like the Olympics.

So, what are the benefits of this modern martial art? For details, see the following explanation.

Trained in discipline

It should be understood that the practice of judo not only provides lessons in physical science, but also in mental science. One of the mental forms that can shape a person’s character is discipline.

In judo martial arts, discipline must be the main part of its possession. The reason for this is that discipline is able to make individuals feel that they have a responsibility so that they can resolve to act how and in what way.

Dare to defend yourself and others

By practicing judo, individuals will dare to take a stand to protect themselves and others. Indeed, the provisions obtained with the techniques obtained can be a protective shield.

However, mastering these techniques should not be used arbitrarily to scare people and even hurt others.

Healthy body and mind

The techniques during the judo exercise can train the muscles so that they become stronger. In addition, this sport is also considered good for the heart.

The benefits of judo

By practicing regularly, you can free yourself from various diseases related to excess weight.


Not only that, Judo is also able to help build self-confidence, respect for others, and trust in those around you. In this way, it can help make emotions more stable.

Hence the benefits of judo for everyday life. Hopefully it provides an education to all who need it.

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