Parliamentary elections in India – Modi's BJP party is likely to lose its absolute majority and needs a coalition partner

Indian Prime Minister Modi is celebrated by his supporters in New Delhi. (IMAGO/ZUMA/IMAGO/Deep Nair Press Cable)

The opposition alliance led by the Congress Party could win 230 seats. To achieve an absolute majority, 272 votes are required. According to information, the Gandhi dynasty's Congress Party has 99 seats, almost double compared to five years ago.

Modi wrote on the online platform X that the people of the country have expressed their confidence in his governing alliance for the third time in a row.

“Modi's polarization in election campaign is not widespread”

Asia expert at the Science and Politics Foundation, Christian Wagner, said in Deutschlandfunk that Modi's polarization in the election campaign did not attract the attention of voters. Economic problems such as high unemployment and inflation are more important. Wagner said that governance in India will change significantly. Modi will have to lead a coalition government for the first time. Two regional parties are likely to determine policy. They tended to demand not only ministerial posts, but also special rights for their states.

Criticism of Modi's policies from the opposition and human rights activists

Modi's political opponents and international human rights groups have long complained of the decline of democracy in India. Based on the findings of US think tank Freedom House, the BJP is increasingly using government institutions to take action against political opponents. Opposition and human rights groups have also accused Modi of siding with the country's Hindu majority. During the election campaign, Modi described his country's 210 million Muslim population as “invaders” and “those who have more children.” Modi rejected the allegations.

Despite evidence of increasing government authoritarianism, India is seen by Western countries as an important counterweight to China in Asia and an important trading partner, in part because of its digital economy.

Parliamentary elections in India are the largest democratic elections in the world. As of Saturday, more than 968 million people had been called to vote over six weeks. The calculation is carried out using a special calculating computer.

This message was sent on June 5, 2024 on the Deutschlandfunk program.

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