Government's 'war' on pornographic content: List of banned OTT platforms, websites, apps and social media accounts

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) has banned several OTT platforms which is supposed to publish obscene, vulgar and pornographic content (in some cases). The list of banned platforms includes both websites as well as apps. The government also deactivated the social media accounts linked to these platforms.
The decision was taken in accordance with the provisions of the Information Technology Act 2000.The I&B ministry is said to have consulted other ministries and departments as well as experts specializing in media and entertainment, women's rights and children's rights over the ban.
The list of banned platforms includes: 18 OTT platforms, 19 websites, 10 apps (7 on Google Play Store, 3 on Apple App Store) and 57 social media accounts.
List of banned OTT platforms

  • Dream movies
  • Voovi
  • Ouisma
  • Uncut Adda
  • Sort Films
  • X First
  • Neon X VIP
  • Besharams
  • Hunters
  • Rabbit
  • Xtramood
  • Nueflix
  • MoodX
  • Mojflix
  • VIP hot shots
  • Fugi
  • Chikooflix
  • PrimePlay
  • Nature of content

The ban includes social media accounts of these OTT platforms on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and X (formerly Twitter). According to the I&B ministry, these OTT platforms have widely used social media to share trailers, specific scenes and external links aimed at attracting audiences to their websites and apps. The social media accounts of these OTT platforms have more than 32 lakh cumulative users. Here is the list of social media accounts of these OTT apps banned on each of the above platforms:

  • Facebook accounts banned — 12
  • Instagram accounts banned — 17
  • X accounts (formerly Twitter) banned: 16
  • Banned YouTube Accounts — 12

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