ON ON, Greysia-Apriyani vs Indian Pair, All England 2022 Round of 16: Check Live Score Link

AROUND CIBUBUR- Greysia-Apriyani take on India Women’s Doubles in the Round of 16 at the All England 2022 on Thursday 17th March 2022.

In the Round of 16 at the All England 2022, Indonesia’s women’s doubles were represented by Greysiaa Polii/Apriyani Rahayu, while India carried Treesa Jolly/Gayatri Gopichand Pullela.

Badminton fans can watch the GreysiAp (greetings from Greysia-Apriyani) match against Treesa-Gayatri in the All England 2022 Round of 16 via live score link listed at the end of this article.

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In the 2022 All England competition, Indonesia’s Greysia-Apriyani are the sixth seed in women’s doubles. While the opponent, Treesa-Gayatri unseeded.

Indonesian men’s doubles Greysia-Apriyani is currently ranked 6th in the world. Meanwhile, Treesa-Gayatri is ranked 46th in the world in women’s doubles.

When this news was published, the Greysia-Apriyani vs Treesa-Gyatri match was entering the first set. While the position of the representatives of Indonesia led 3-0.

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Indonesian badminton fans who want to watch the game can pass live score link next, shortcut please CLICK HERE.

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