Russian-Ukrainian war, India wins a lot

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russia’s attack on Ukraine has unwittingly placed India in a privileged position in the Indo-Pacific diplomatic zone. As the war enters its fourth week, New Delhi has received the arrival of dignitaries from around the world.


To throw CNBC International, India had delegations from the United States (US), Australia and Japan. The three countries are India’s partners in the Quad, officially known as the Security Dialogue Quad.

Just like India runs evenly with the Quad. India, however, has refused to condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine, including in four recent UN resolutions.

But the Quad seems to ignore that. India needs to further deepen its cooperation in security, technology and economic support in the Indo-Pacific.

“There is a common understanding…Each side sees that the European conflict should not be the reason that separates us from the main axis of the Indo-Pacific,” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in defense of the Indian police on Russia-Ukraine, cited Thursday (3/24/2022).

Not only Quad, important personalities from other countries also keep coming to India. Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, for example, visited India last Tuesday and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is also expected to visit India in early April.


The surprise also came from India’s traditional rival, China. The country is today making an offer to Bollywood, seeking New Delhi’s approval for Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit.

China and India are known to be sworn enemies due to their territorial claims in Ladakh. In 2020, clashes took place that left 20 Indian soldiers and four Chinese soldiers dead.

This is linked to the annual meeting of the leaders of China, India, Brazil, Russia and South Africa (South Africa) to be held in China this year. During the meeting, it is hoped that China-India-Russia will hold its own special meeting.

China will also present a cooperation proposal within the framework of the India-China Civilization Dialogue held by the two countries. The India-China Forum on Investment and Trade Cooperation will also be established.

“China and India share common interests in many areas. For example, the West recently accused India of considering buying Russian oil at a discount. But it is the legitimate right of India,” he wrote. world timesgovernment media spokesperson.

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