New free channels arrived at Freebox

Kanaldude and LMtv Sarthe arrived today on Freebox TV. A free-to-air channel that caters to local audiences.

Freebox TV is going strong on local channels. In line with the launch of Discovery Science on March 15th, another free channel has just been added to the TV Free package.

Kanaldude, channel 948 from Freebox TV

Kanaldude is a CSA-approved web TV from Lower Navarre in the Basque Country, broadcasting programs entirely in Basque. This channel is managed by Ximun Carrère. The television channel is edited by Aldudarrak bideo, a local audiovisual production cooperative in the Basque language.

LMtv Sarthe, channel 947

This is a television channel of proximity, information, culture and entertainment, located in the city center of Le Mans. Freebox subscribers can now access 79 local and regional channels.

OQee Cine, channel 40

This is a barker channel, which provides access to the new free streaming service launched by Free last week, and allows you to benefit from more than 300 unlimited movies.

To take advantage of this new channel, you must restart the Player. It is available on all Freebox models and of course on OQee, either on Freebox Pop or in the app. Another announcement regarding Freebox TV follows…

This article is taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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