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The Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to hear a plea to stay the release of the film “The Kerala Story” on the grounds that it was “the worst kind of hate speech” and “audio-visual propaganda”.

Supreme Court. (ANI)

A bench of Justices KM Joseph and BV Nagarathna was told by senior advocate Kapil Sibal and advocate Nizam Pasha that the film's trailer, which is scheduled to release on Friday, has been viewed 16 million times.

Pasha said: “This film is the worst kind of hate speech. It is completely audiovisual propaganda.”

The panel of judges said, “There was a variety of hate speech. The film has been certified and passed by the board. It's not like someone gets up to the podium and starts giving an out-of-control speech. If you want to challenge the release of the film, you must go through certification and go through the appropriate forums.

Sibal then said he would do whatever was necessary.

Justice Nagarathna said the applicant must first submit an application to the High Court. Pasha says there is no time left as the film will be released on Friday.

“This is not land. Otherwise, everyone will start coming to the Supreme Court,” the judge said.

Pasha said that was why he submitted a request for intervention in the hate speech case.

Justice Joseph said that he may not advise the applicant, but to obtain appropriate relief, a substantive written application must be filed.

This Hindi film focuses on the theme of religious conversion.

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