Indian Railways unveils new AC 1st coach concept design with aircraft business class feel; exclusive details

Indian train service reveals new things AC 1. Coach Design: Imagine a compact cabin for two people AC 1st class Indian Railways coach – and one that potentially offers comfort on par with business class on an airplane. The Rail Coach Factory (RCF), Kapurthala, recently unveiled a new concept design for AC 1st coaches with the vision of “on-demand interiors”. The concept draft with panoramic windows will now be presented to the railway board.
Currently, in a first AC coach of the Indian Railways, one side is occupied by the berths while the other side is the aisle area. RCF has now moved the aisle to the middle to make room for compact coupes with two berths on each side of the car and panoramic windows for the upper and lower berths. The new AC 1st carriage offers space for 30 instead of 24 beds.

Indian Railways AC 1st Class Concept

Explanation of the concept, RCF Kapurthala GM Arun Kumar Jain told TOI, “Usually we have an aisle on one side and there are cabins on the other side. And the seats are across the cabins. Here we have tried to create a design in this coach where the aisle is in the middle. And we place the cabins on both sides so that the window look is available to more passengers. And both side windows are provided for passengers.”

Indian Railways AC 1st Class Concept

Indian Railways AC 1st Class Concept

He further explained: “As the concept suggests, two people can sit in the AC 1st Coupé/Cubicle during the day. And at night the seats can be converted into a sleeping bed. One person can sleep in the lower bed and the other person can sleep in the upper bed. Typically, demand for coupes that can accommodate two people is very high. That’s why we think this coach with this design should be a popular way to move forward.”

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Another railway official told TOI that the aim of the redesign is to study railway coaches and their passenger functions on an on-demand basis. “We have the expertise to manufacture the shell of the coach and ensure its safety. However, we would like to create a concept where, depending on the needs of a particular route, we can try to make the interiors more luxurious and equipped with modern technology and amenities tailored to the needs. ” The concept images shared by RCF expand the concept to include a fancy bunk with a laptop table, bottle holders and even an entertainment screen for the top bunk.

Indian Railways AC 1st Class Concept

1st class AC concept with two berth cabins on either side and an aisle in the middle

The concept image above is definitely reminiscent of an airline’s business class and for passengers willing to pay for luxury services, the AC 1st bus in a revamped avatar could be something to look forward to.

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