The UAE wants to build a high-speed underwater train to Mumbai, India

The United Arab Emirates seems to have chosen the extreme when it comes to implementing their increasingly impressive infrastructure. As reported Interesting Engineering (IE), the Middle Eastern country aims to realize an underwater railway project connecting the city of Fujairah in the Emirates to Mumbai in India.

Although the Pharaoh project was first revealed in 2018, it is still in the study stage by Emirates. As the special daily explains, National Advisory Bureau Limited It is estimated that he will soon request a feasibility report on the development program.

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Developing business

Currently, it takes more than three hours to reach Mumbai from Abu Dhabi by flight, not including other formalities at the airport. As a result, continued Interesting Engineering, the United Arab Emirates hopes that, through this brave railway route, it can save at least one hour of travel compared to existing air routes. The experts behind the project emphasize that the train speed should reach 1,000 km/h.

Apart from civil transport, the aim is to establish a means of developing bilateral trade with India. Apart from oil, the two countries are trying to further strengthen trade cooperation in various sectors such as technology. As reported by Indian channel DD NewsThe Indian Commerce Minister has visited the UAE three times in the last two years.

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Feasibility, the main obstacle

However, the main challenge for the Arabian Peninsula country remains the feasibility of the project. Indeed, the distance between the two cities is 2,000 kilometers and, according to reports, the aim is to line the tunnel with transparent windows so that passengers can enjoy views of underwater life in deep waters. Unlike the Channel Tunnel, United Arab Emirates trains will travel ten times faster.

However, as the specialist magazine points out, Emirates appears ready to take the risk of building “the unimaginable” For “stay in the race” towards technologies initiated by Saudi Arabia, particularly with its linear city project.

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