In India, a ten-year-old schoolgirl called on Modi’s government to take emergency measures in the face of a heatwave choking her country.

From over ten years, he struggled so that his country’s authorities took action, finally taking concrete action to fight this deadly heat wave and not downgrading it to the simple rating of weather anecdote. And indeed, it is clear that after six weeks of the heatwave, Prime Minister Narendra Modi just, Thursday, May 5th, asked the regions to provide him with “list of possible solutionsSuffice it to say that we are not there yet. Meanwhile, Licypriya Kangujam is using her Twitter account to alert those she wants to be notified. She reports that at least 25 people have died from heatstroke in the Bombay region, in Jacobad in Pakistan. , we recorded a temperature of 49.6°C, a world record for April. In New Delhi, the temperature was 46°C. We exceeded 40°C at home in Manipur, more than ten degrees above the seasonal average.

Thanks to the publication, his approach has attracted the attention of many television channel India, and even New York Time in which he recounts his daily life for six weeks: the power grid goes out, the incessant blackout, the fan becomes useless, and then the school bus turns into a furnace, the impossibility of playing outside. Finally dizzy, dehydrated. And his exhaustion in the face of inertia.

Over the past two years, Licypriya has become a prodigy who has made headlines not because of her math scores, but because she advocated climate change to become a full-fledged subject in school. He demonstrated in 2019 in front of India’s parliament, then mobilized with each pollution episode to demand action.

But the more time passes, the more the struggle is against fatalism, resignation, feelings of helplessness. “Yes, we can actshe says, the solution is knownHe explained that the state can start by not agreeing to a deforestation project in the Parsa forest, for example, not allowing a new coal mine, as happened a few days ago, and then a green city, planting millions of trees, building cars. holiday…”But you know, I’m only ten years oldhe said on television, it’s up to the adults, the government to act now, without waiting for my generation to grow up.”

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