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After the success of the previous EP Daily Hours who knows how to woo hip-hop, sample, and even reggae fans, Fatbabs is launching its new EP this summer 2022. Daily Jam – Love.

Her previous EP Daily Hours, can be seen as a rich and personal musical journey that beatmakers created with passion and generosity in 2017. There are all the styles Fatbab loves, from Hip-Hop of course, to Reggae, Soul, Funk or Jazz. And this musical journey, Fatbabs pursue it day by day!

Especially with We have Daily, the first single from his new EP that made the beatmaker start his comeback. With this title, Fatbabs launches a drifting instrumental, in which an almost childish voice whispers We have Daily. An oscillating loop between Hip-hop, Jazz and Trip Hop where the famous Fatbab performers come to end the piece.
A simple, subtle yet authentic clip accompanies the release of this single. We find a series of everyday scenes, which follow each other to a heady beat.

Recognized as the fetish beat maker of French Reggae emblematic figure Naâman, Fatbabs stood out in 2012. He produced 1time Naâman’s mixtape became a hit with the hit Skanking Shoes, and would produce his next 4 albums.

After being with Naâman THE winning duo French Reggae, Fatbabs then devoted himself to his first solo project. Daily Jam, a rich and personal musical journey brought to life by beatmakers with passion and generosity. You can find all the styles Fatbab loves, from Hip-Hop of course, to Reggae, Soul, Funk and Jazz.

Over the years and meetings, Fatbabs have multiplied collaborations and produced instrumentals for Vanzo (Jamaica), MC Kaur (India), Volodia (France), and even Balik (France). Beatmaker not only stands out in reggae, and that is its strength. In 2017, he won a remix contest organized by Wax Tailor thanks to his appearance on the album By Any Remix Necessary.

If for music Fatbabs is a story of passion, then it is passion that is shared and 2th single project Holiday prove it to us. Solo is not the right word, with over 15 guest singers on this 5 track EP. Between Hip-Hop and Reggae Fatbabs went in search of the voices that made him dream with Johaz of the California group Dag Savage, Demi Portion, Chill Bump and of course Naâman.

In 2019, Fatbabs took out all the stops and released the first solo album Music is for kidsreal producer albums with over 20 guest singers ranging from Jamaican legend Sizzla, to rising stars on the French scene like Demi Portion, Jahneration, Naë or Marcus Gad.

Today, Fatbab is going back to basics and will launch this summer Daily Jam – Love. A new EP that presents itself as a continuation of his still rich and personal musical journey. And that with single We have Daily that Fatbab outperformed the output. this first quote We have Daily is a soaring and dreamy instrumental, between Hip-hop, Jazz and Trip Hop.

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