Originally from Montluçon (Allier), Jocelyne Prost finds India in her books thanks to her heroine Lolie Pondy

From Montluçon of the Indian Ocean, Jocelyne Prost has just published her second book for children, Lolie Pondy and Jacky Jardin Cabin. After raising the theme of difference, empathy and mutual cooperation in his first book, Lolie Pondy from Pondicherrythe author adds that respect for nature.

Discover Indian culture, so colorful and radiant

With his heroes, a little Indian girl with pink hair and a yellow face, and a little jaguar, he celebrates Indian culture, which is very much present at Reunion where Jocelyne Prost has lived for ten years, and which he truly discovered in Pondicherry.

Teacher likes books

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The books of Montluçonnaise – born Jocelyne Boillot 62 years ago – are filled with color and joy. They were very successful on Reunion Island and Mayotte, where he previously lived for eight years. In addition to local television and dedication, writers are regularly invited to school to read.

What’s interesting to the teachers in my book is that each character is different and doesn’t have the same skills, but when they come together, they can build something.

A book and a hero born from a love story

Jocelyne Prost welcomed this unexpected success with even more joy and simplicity, because she didn’t expect it. He who wrote novels in his youth without ever finishing them and created stories for his three sons, created Lolie Pondy out of necessity.

I have a beautiful love story with an Indian from Pondicherry. Lolie is me and Jaguarou is her. When I discovered India, my world shone. There, bright, colorful. There is some kind of energy. The population is still young. It is a real spiritual experience.

“I wrote the book all at once, but I picked it up more than twenty-five times after that,” admits Jocelyne Prost with a smile.

First novel by Magali Gay, resident of Commentry (Allier), published by Paris publisher Vérone

Two illustrators and a third book in preparation

To illustrate her incredibly colorful universe, the six-year-old created a storyboard for Lolie Pondy’s first illustrator, Gulsah Keles. For Lolie Pondy and Jacky Jardin CabinAnne-Claire Payet sneaks into Jocelyne’s colorful universe and takes over the graphics of Gulsah Keles.

The success of his books and word of mouth allowed him to meet other writers who loved India as much as he did. The third part of Lolie Pondy’s adventure is currently in the works. “This time I will write, illustrate and read it to schools before printing this latest version. »

How Robin Bessege, originally from Montluçon, introduced French pastry to India

Lolie Pondy from Pondicherry and Lolie Pondy and Jacky Jardin Cabin published by Publishroom Factory, priced at 10 euros and 12 euros respectively. They are available on the platform and at the Talon d’Achille bookstore, the site of Notre-Dame in Montluçon.

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