How Christians and Muslims are Persecuted in India

DFor what the police said they were drunk, the two men acted on purpose. A surveillance camera recorded them riding scooters in front of a church in Ambala on Christmas Eve and jumping over iron gates. After the men found a Catholic place of worship in the northern Indian state of Haryana locked, they began destroying lamps and other objects in the churchyard. The tantrums even urinated in front of the church door. And they dropped a life-sized statue of Jesus about a hundred years from its pedestal.

When church workers came to the church the next day, the statue was smashed to pieces on the ground. A few days later, police arrested two suspects, pastor Patras Mundu reported in an interview with FAZ from Ambala. The pastor couldn’t believe it was just a drunken vandal. “The police know very well that someone is behind this. But he was trying to cover it up,” he said. Surveillance camera footage shows that the men were talking to someone on the phone and recording each other. The pastor therefore saw the attack in connection with a series of attacks on Christians in India in the past few weeks. and the last month. He himself had heard of eight attacks on Christmas Day alone. “It happened all over India,” Mundu said.

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