Holidays in June 2022

Banks have become an important part of our personal, social and professional lives. Knowing holidays in advance and planning your banking accordingly can save you a lot of hassle. While banking has changed a lot as technology has advanced, you can do online banking from the comfort of your web-enabled handheld devices. However, some important functions that require bank visits can only be performed on bank working days.

Some of the main banking features we use frequently include savings and business accounts, loans, safe deposit boxes, money transactions and transfers, and many more. Hence, we depend heavily on banks for one or more of these services that make our lives easy and productive.

In India, the policies and bank holidays are set under the advice of the Reserve Bank of India, known as RBI for short. When it comes to public holidays, you can divide bank holidays into three categories, namely the regular weekend public holidays, national public holidays observed by banks across the country, and regional public holidays observed by banks in specific states. In addition, the banks do not work on the second and fourth Saturday of every month.

Depending on the number of festivals and events we face in a month, the number of bank holidays in a month may increase or decrease and banking functions may be disrupted accordingly. Here is the full list of Public Holidays in India for June 2022. Regarding the regional public holidays listed below, it is good to check against the State Public Holiday Bulletin.

Holidays in June 2022

date Day holiday description Applicable in States
June 2, 2022 Thursday Maharana Pratap Jayanti Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan
June 2, 2022 Thursday Telangana Founding Day Telangana
June 3, 2022 Friday Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji’s Martyrdom Day Punjab
June 5, 2022 Sunday weekend vacation All over India
June 11, 2022 Saturday second saturday All over India
June 12, 2022 Sunday weekend vacation All over India
June 14, 2022 Tuesday Pahili Raja Orissa
June 14, 2022 Tuesday Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab
June 15, 2022 Wednesday Raja Sankranti Orissa
June 15, 2022 Wednesday YMA tag mizoram
June 15, 2022 Wednesday Birthday of Guru Hargobind Ji Jammu and Kashmir
June 19, 2022 Sunday weekend vacation All over India
June 22, 2022 Wednesday Kharchi Puja Tripura
June 25, 2022 Saturday Fourth Saturday All over India
June 26, 2022 Sunday weekend vacation All over India
June 30, 2022 Wednesday Remna Ni mizoram

ATMs have made it very easy to withdraw cash from locations close to your home or place of work. With 24/7 access to the services offered by ATMs, the reasons for going to banks have decreased nowadays. However, if you keep an eye on the holidays, you can have peace of mind if you have important bank visits planned on weekdays.

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