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THIS full explanation of the differences asian games and SEA Games. Currently, as known, SEA Games 2021 is taking place in Hanoi, Vietnam which will be held from May 12 to 23, 2022. Interestingly, many still believe that SEA Games are the same as Asian Games, even though the two sports competitions are very different.

Let’s talk about the SEA Games first. SEA itself is an abbreviation of Southeast Asia or Southeast Asia, which means that the participants in the sporting event are countries from the Southeast Asian region.

While the Asian Games means competitions that take place in the Asian continent, any country in Asia has the right to participate in the event. From there, it is clear that there are many more participants in the Asian Games than in the SEA Games.

From the moment of implementation it was different. The SEA Games are held every two years, while the Asian Games are held every four years.

In addition to the number of participants and the time of the event, the rules of the sports played also differ. In SEA Games, the determination of which sport to play usually depends on the decision of the Southeast Asian Games Federation (SEAGF).

Interestingly, the host of the SEA Games organizers gets an advantage as they can choose to add or even reduce sports to compete. Usually the hosts will choose a sport that is in their favor and eliminate a sport that is more difficult for them to win a gold medal.

Meanwhile, for the Asian Games, the rules of the sports played are generally based on the Olympic and non-Olympic Games. The host of the Asian Games does indeed have the advantage of choosing the sports that can be played, but the application is not as free as hosting the SEA Games.

SEA Games 2021 (NOC Indonesia)

Usually, the host of the Asian Games must have prior approval from the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) or the Asian Sports Council when they want to participate in some of their flagship sports.

So that’s the difference between the SEA Games and the Asian Games. The SEA Games are reserved for countries in Southeast Asia, while the participants in the Asian Games are countries located on the Asian continent. The same is only that SEA Games and Asian Games are multi-event sporting events.

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