Getting to Know Kabbadi Game to Play in Papua PON 2021

PAPUAS, Voice of Muhammadiyah – The XX National Sports Week (PON) which is held in Papua from October 2 to 15, 2021 at the Lukas Enembe stadium. The stadium has a capacity of 40,000 and already has one-person seats (single seat). This stadium is one of the stadiums with the largest capacity in the Pacific which occupies an area of ​​13.7 hectares.

A total of 56 sports were played at PON XX Papua based on KONI Decree Number 100 of 2019. Previously, some sports were suppressed, namely cycle racing, bridge, dancing, gateball, golf, pétanque, water skiing, soft tennis, table tennis and woodball as well as electronic sports also compete as exhibition branches.

However, in this article, we will discuss one type of sport in the exhibition branch. Starting with news from Suara Muhamadiyah reporting that Muhammadiyah’s athletes had won gold and bronze medals.

Kabaddi is a sport that originated in India which is estimated to be 4,000 years old, kabaddi itself has been an activity since ancient Indian civilization and then spread to Andhara Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Bihar, Haryana, Maharashtra, Telangana, up to Tamil Nadu regions. .

The sport is believed to come from the word ‘kai pidi’ which means ‘to hold hands’ in the Tamil language. This game is similar to the traditional Indonesian game, namely gobak sodor or fortification, the difference is that kabaddi combines sports elements rugby and struggle. Internationally, kabaddi is played on a 10 x 13 meter court (for women 8 x 12 meters for women) which is divided in two by a single line. There are two teams that will occupy each part of the field with a center line (median line) which divides the field

Regarding its history according to the official website of the World Kabaddi Federation, Kabaddi started from an ancient handwritten story, namely Mahabaratha, ksh Abimayu son of Arjuno from the Pandavas who attacked the stronghold of Kurawa, Arjuno succeeded in penetrating the seven layers of Kurawa Fort, but in the end he died after being beaten by Kurawa’s army when they failed to find a way out of Kaurava Fortress.

After Indian independence, the All India Kabaddi Federation (AIKF) was established. In its journey, kabaddi was included in the Indian Sports Week in 1938 in Calcutta and then popularized through the Asian Ameteur led by Sundar Ram in Japan in 1997.

At the Asian Games in 1982, this game was exhibited, which finally became the official sport of the Asian Games in 1990 and for the first time, it was held in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China, and in Indonesia itself, it has participated in the 2018 Asian Games. Jakarta-Palembang Games.

The essence of this game is to score points by attacking the enemy area and hitting one or more members of the opposing team. When attacking the opponent’s area, the attacker (adventurers) have to charge while holding your breath and say “kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi”. The attacker must also be able to evade capture by the opponent.

When an attacker from the opposing team arrives, the defending team must try to prevent him from returning to his area by holding him and dropping him to the ground. If the defending team fails to retain the opposing attacker, the player touched by the attacker will be considered temporarily absent. They can only return to the field after their team has earned points by attacking or capturing an attacker who has invaded their team’s area. (phew)

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