Pakistani players perform mid-game prayers

After celebrating the worship, Rizwan went on to score the most goals.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, DUBAI – Stunning view from the cricket match between Pakistan national team and India in the championship T20 Cricket World Cup at Dubai International Stadium, United Arab Emirates on Sunday (24/10) yesterday. The view was seen during the break.

Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Rizwan performs prayers on the pitch.

Reported in account Instagram @islam, Monday (25/10), Rizwan solemnly fulfilled his obligations as a Muslim. Although in this place there are people who relax.

Meanwhile, this is Pakistan’s first victory against an Indian team in the Cricket World Cup. The duel between Pakistan and India looks like a prestigious match in the world of cricket.

But now the video of Rizwan performing prayers is more shocking to cricket fans than Pakistan’s victory. An user Twitter named Saj Sadiq praised the Pakistan team, especially Rizwan.

“Always prioritize prayer over other things. After celebrating worship, Rizwan went on to score the most goals while leading Pakistan to victory over India,” Saj Sadiq wrote quoted Cricketer.

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