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  • Buddhism is one of the world’s oldest religions and originates from the wisdom of Buddha, born Siddharta Gautama.

  • Her teachings cover topics such as self-love, strength, mindfulness, hope and health.

Do you want to bring more lightness and joy into your life? Buddha’s wisdom tells you what to do!

Buddha’s 50 Best Words of Wisdom for a Happy Life

Most of us are familiar with Buddha and Buddhism, but what exactly does this world religion’s promise of enlightenment mean? Buddha is translated as “the enlightened one” or “the enlightened one” and, in people’s imagination, he not only possesses a completely purified mind, but he is also omniscient. The Buddha, as he is worshiped today according to classical understanding, dates back to Siddharta Gautama, born around 566 BC. In his search for true happiness, after a long period of deprivation and meditation, he finally became enlightened. He passed on these discoveries.

During his 45 years of teaching, he gave advice to countless people and tried to bring enlightenment to them in different ways. This is where the different currents of Buddhism come from, which is one of the oldest religions in the world and appeared in India several centuries before Christ. But religious followers are not the only ones who appreciate the added value of the Buddha’s teachings and try to live according to them. You can find people everywhere who are using and implementing Buddha’s personal wisdom in their own lives. They give advice, strength, hope, inspiration and make you think. This is mainly because the whole thing has a philosophical basis, is accessible and suitable for everyday use. Topics covered by Buddha include self-love, gaining strength, mindfulness, hope, and general health.

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Unlike other world religions, Buddhism does not focus on the worship of specific deities. It’s more about fundamental beliefs and values ​​that we adhere to in everyday life and which should ultimately make us flourish. Below we have summarized for you the 50 most beautiful and useful quotes that can bring more lightness and joy into your life.

Buddha’s wisdom on life

  • “We are what we think. Everything we are is born from our thoughts. We shape the world with our thoughts.”
  • “Traveling well is better than arriving.”
  • “Never in the world does hatred end in hatred. Hate ends in love.”
  • “What you think, you are. What you are, you radiate. What you radiate, you attract.”
  • “If you want to increase your wealth, you must follow the example of bees. They collect honey without destroying flowers. They are even useful for flowers. Collect your wealth without destroying its sources and it will become a permanent weight gainer. “
  • “There’s no point in being a good person if you don’t do anything.”
  • “All men are one. What distinguishes them is the name you give them.”
  • “There is only one time when it is essential to wake up. That time is now.”
  • “It is better to wear slippers than to carpet the world.”
  • “The carpenter works the wood. The archer draws the bow. The wise man shapes himself.”
  • “Don’t dwell on the past, don’t dream about the future, focus your mind on the present moment.”
  • “The problem is you think you have time.”
  • “Don’t think that nothing is happening just because you don’t see your growth… Great things grow in silence. »
  • “A moment can change a day, a day can change a life, and a life can change the world.”
  • “Every morning we are born again. What we do today matters most.”
  • “It is not the one who has the most who is the richest, but the one who needs the least.”
  • “Past love is just a memory. Future love is a dream and a wish. Only in the present, here and now, can we truly love.”
  • “If you want to know who you were, look at who you are. If you want to know who you will be, look at what you do.”

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Buddha’s wisdom on happiness

  • “There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path.”
  • “Learn to let go. It’s the key to happiness.”
  • “Happiness is in us, not in things.”
  • “Do it or don’t do it, but stop trying.”
  • “Thousands of candles can be lit by the light of a single candle without its light diminishing. Joy does not diminish when it is shared.”
  • “The mind, through its activity, is the architect of our own happiness and our own suffering.”
  • “There are only two mistakes one can make on the path to truth: not going to the end and not beginning.”
  • “Speak or act with a pure mind, and happiness will follow you, like your shadow, unshakable.”
  • “All happiness in this world comes from wanting others to be happy.”
  • “Give up victory and find happiness.”
  • “A gentle word often refreshes more than water and shade.”
  • “A disciplined mind brings happiness.”
  • “If you go your own way, you will have wings.”
  • “Each of us is omniscient. All we have to do is open our consciousness to listen to our own wisdom. The heart knows the way.”
  • “Happiness doesn’t depend on what you have or who you are. It only depends on what you think.”
  • “How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours.”
  • “Smile and the world will change.”

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Buddha’s wisdom on suffering

  • “What becomes disappears.”
  • “Man suffers because he desires to possess and keep things which are by nature transitory.”
  • “As the field is corrupted by weeds, so is man corrupted by his greed.”
  • “Birth is suffering, old age is suffering, illness is suffering, being united with those you don’t love, being separated from loved ones, not realizing what you desire – all this is suffering.”
  • “Every life has a measure of suffering. Sometimes that’s what causes us to awaken.”
  • “Impermanence is the characteristic of every circumstance, of every situation you will encounter. Everything will change, it will disappear or it will no longer satisfy you.”
  • “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”
  • “To understand everything, you have to forget everything.”
  • “Don’t hurt others with what hurts you. »
  • “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one is allowed to do it. We must follow the path ourselves.”
  • “The best revenge is to move forward happily and let karma do the rest.”
  • “The seeds of the past are the fruits of the future.”
  • “There is a perfection in the depths of all that is inadequate. There is a calmness in the depths of all perplexity. There is a purpose deep in the midst of all the cares and troubles of the world.”
  • “Do not chain yourselves like slaves to beauty. But do not chain yourselves to suffering either. Everything changes, both disappear.”

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