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This week, a three-star hotel opened its doors in a former French prison. An Indian official emptied an entire tank of water to find his cellphone and sparked controversy in India. Finally, June 2 provides an opportunity to return to an important date for understanding the wars of religion.

spend the night in jail

Hotel “La Prison” opens on Thursday 1uh June in Béziers (Hérault), inform 20 minutes. He offered to sleep in the former prison, whose cells housed prisoners between 1867 and 2009. The Mando Group purchased the premises and undertook fourteen months of work to preserve the original building and give it a luxurious dimension. Since this is a three star hotel, prices start from 77 euros for the smallest cell, 13 m2. It has a bistronomic restaurant, swimming lane, fitness room and one of the most beautiful views of the city, over the Canal du Midi and the Orb valley.

He clears dams… for laptops

In India, the scandal is all over the media. Rajesh Vishwas was suspended from duty after ordering a water tank in Kherkatta, in the Northeast of the country, to be emptied to find his cell phone. Falling into the water while taking a selfie, the laptop could not be found by local divers. Therefore, a diesel pump was sent to the site to empty the two million liters of water from the dam geo. This operation caused controversy and the national vice president of the opposition party declared these millions of liters “It could be used to irrigate 1,500 hectares” or 600 hectares of land.

On June 2, Henry II promulgated an anti-Calvinist edict

On June 2, 1559, French King Henry II promulgated the Edict of Ecouen, to suppress the Calvinist heresy. It stipulates that its subjects must kill all Protestants who rebel or flee, without trial. The ruling is a break with previous decisions because it is so harsh and goes beyond the legal framework. This aims to counter the expansion of the current reforms in the kingdom. This was also the start of the religious wars. After the king’s adviser Anne du Bourg, a Calvinist, publicly protested the text, she was arrested, tried, and sentenced to death. This denunciation would soon be followed by a Protestant reprisal.

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