WhatsApp banned a record over 74 Lakh Bad accounts in India in April

New Delhi: Meta’s WhatsApp banned a record more than 74 lakh bad accounts in India in April under new TI 2021 rules, the company said on Thursday.

Between April 1 and April 30, “7,452,500 WhatsApp accounts were blocked and 2,469,700 of these accounts were proactively blocked prior to any user reports,” WhatsApp said in its monthly compliance report.

The most popular messaging platform, which has nearly 500 million users in the country, received another record 4,377 complaint reports in April in the country, and the “action” record was 234.

“This User Safety Report contains details of user complaints received and related actions WhatsApp has taken, as well as WhatsApp’s own precautions to combat abuse on our platform,” a spokesperson said. of the company.

Moreover, the company mentioned that the orders received from the complaint appeal committee between April 1 and April 30 were 2, and the orders fulfilled were also 2.

Meanwhile, in a bid to empower India’s millions of social media users, the Minister of State for Electronics and Computers, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, recently launched a Grievance Appeals Committee (GAC ) who will investigate their concerns about content and other issues.

The newly formed panel, an initiative to strengthen state digital laws to tame Big Tech companies, will consider a user’s appeal against the social media platform’s decision.

In a major push towards an open, secure, trusted and responsible Internet, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has notified several changes aimed at protecting the rights of “Nagrik Digital”.

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