A bridge under construction collapsed and disappeared into the Ganges

An amazing spectacle. A bridge under construction suddenly collapsed this Sunday in Bihar province (India). Nearly the entire work fell like a house of cards and disappeared into the Ganges, it’s reported HuffPost.

The 3.6 km long bridge was supposed to be completed in 2019 but has suffered many delays. According to the latest estimates, it should be completed before the end of 2023 – but that doesn’t include this incident. The collapse resulted in no casualties but one person is currently missing.

Collapses often

This is the second time a collapse has occurred at this site, specify Parisian. On April 30, 2022, the bridge first collapsed during a storm. The authorities and the opposition have denounced for months the structure with major design flaws and poor management, marked by corruption, on the part of the government.

“This is a living example of corruption, the fact that bridges are important […] collapsing like cards in the Ganges”, lashed out at the Union Energy Minister of India, quoted by Parisian. “If the government had conducted a rigorous investigation, this would not have happened. »

Meanwhile, the Indian government responded by pointing out that the incident was in fact “deliberate destruction”. The Bihar state government has promised “decisive action” and the opening of an investigation. In October 2022, the collapse of the suspension bridge has caused more than 130 deaths in the western part of the country.

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